Alex Lifeson’s Lerxst Reveals New Snow Dog Octave-Fuzz Pedal

When it comes to the fusion of rock music and groundbreaking musical equipment, complemented by an intertwining connection with undiluted nostalgia, Lerxst, headed by Alex Lifeson, the renowned Rush guitarist, is remarkably at the top of its game. Lerxst returns to the scene with the substance-dripping Snow Dog Octave-Fuzz pedal, a nostalgic sensation for any guitar diehard.

This unique pedal is a blend of classic roots and contemporary necessity, which seamlessly combines the warm nostalgia of the 70s fuzz circuit and the pressing needs of the guitarist in the modern-day music scene. Lifeson attests that the Snow Dog Octave-Fuzz pedal is a fruit of his exposure to the effect back in the golden days of the 70s.

Features of Lerxt Snow Dog Octave-Fuzz Pedal:

• Utilizes a silicon octave fuzz circuit hailing from the early 70s, reinforcing the root connection of the pedal.
• The fuzz component of the pedal offers an impressively broad gain range, swinging from a muffled tone to a completely destructive one.
• Features multiple semitones meticulously combined to generate the distinguishing upper octave gleam that tags along with Snow Dog.
• The octave element of the pedal can add nuanced synthy texture to your playing and gets extra gritty when combined with the fuzz effect.
• The order of the fuzz and octave elements can be modified via a toggle switch, creating an assortment of octave fuzz sounds.


• Impressive range of gain in the fuzz section
• Offers a mixture of gritty and synthy texture that appeals to varying styles
• The toggle switch features provide a chance for a diverse range of octave fuzz sounds
• Maintains a solid connection to its roots with the silicon octave fuzz circuit from the 70s


• The sound may be too loud and gritty for certain music styles
• May require a period of adaptation for guitarists unfamiliar with its extensive features

In his words, Lifeson acknowledges the Snow Dog pedal’s capacity to churn out “the most horrific fuzz in the Universe”. To him, this effect resonates with his quest for specific sounds, in pursuit of the various musical projects he is involved in. He further alludes to the pleasure he obtains from the mutual incorporation of the By-Tor and Snow Dog pedals.

Indeed, the interplay of distortion, fuzz, and overdrive pedals provides a palette of interesting sounds for the guitarist. Among the two pedals, however, it is the Snow Dog that genuinely roars. It commands an undeniable presence fitting for an artist looking to create and carve a unique niche in the global music industry.

Contrary to every innate rule to tame the dog, the louder the growl of the Snow Dog, the more satisfying the experience. With a price tag of $295, the Snow Dog Octave-Fuzz pedal may then not be a tool for every guitarist but definitely works for those looking to create a scream with their sound that sets them apart.

Furthermore, customer reviews from Amazon show a high level of satisfaction among users regarding the pedal’s functionality, performance, and build quality. Many are thrilled by the potent combination of vintage and modern sounds that the Snow Dog offers, while a few others recommended updates on certain features.

The Lerxst Snow Dog Octave-Fuzz Pedal is a unique blend of old and new, perfectly designed for the modern player who pays homage to the roots. Extensively versatile and providing a broad range of sound, it is a dynamic tool resonating with those craving that underlying raw sound from their guitars. This octave-fuzz pedal is set to give you that sonic adventure you’ve always craved. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals