Analogue Solutions Ample Synth now on the market

Analogue Solutions, known for its high-quality synthesizers and electronic equipment, has recently launched the Ample, a powerful desktop synthesizer that combines features from some of the company’s most popular devices. This all-analogue signal path synth is designed to appeal to both beginners and experienced synth enthusiasts. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features, pros, and cons of the Ample desktop synthesizer.

Feature List:

1. Three oscillators with sawtooth, triangle, and square wave outputs
2. 24dB/octave four-pole low-pass filter
3. Dedicated triangle wave LFO
4. Third oscillator can be used as an additional LFO
5. Two envelope generators with ADSR control
6. Echo effect section with Time, Feedback, and Level parameters
7. VCA with Thru mode for processing external sources
8. Comprehensive selection of modulation routing options
9. Patch pin matrix for easy integration with Eurorack and other modular setups
10. Six touch-sensitive keys with set voltage output
11. Onboard 16-step vintage-style sequencer


– All-analogue design:** With the exception of the MIDI connectivity chip, the Ample synthesizer maintains an all-analogue signal path throughout its design, ensuring a pure sound that is free of digital interference.
– Versatile oscillator options:** The three included oscillators offer a wide range of wave outputs, allowing for complex and diverse sound generation. The third oscillator’s ability to function as an additional LFO also provides even more options for crafting unique sounds.
– Flexible modulation routing:** The modular routing options make the Ample an extremely customizable and adaptable instrument, giving users the ability to build complex and expressive patches.
– Integration with modular setups:** Thanks to its patch pin matrix and audio/CV outputs, the Ample can easily integrate with other Eurorack and modular systems, making it a valuable addition to any existing synth setup.
– Useful performance controls:** The six touch-sensitive keys with set voltage output offer intuitive pitch control, while the built-in 16-step sequencer provides an old-school method for composing and performing patterns.


– Price: Priced at £1,999 including VAT, the Ample synthesizer isn’t cheap, potentially making it a difficult purchase for hobbyists and beginners. However, for experienced musicians or professionals looking for a powerful and versatile synthesizer, it could be a valuable investment.
– Additional patch pins sold separately:** While the Ample comes with 15 patch pins, additional packs must be purchased separately, costing £35 per pack. This might be a small inconvenience for those who wish to expand their connections further.
– MIDI connectivity limitations:** The Ample does offer MIDI connectivity but it is limited purely to the digital chip included in the system. Other synthesizers in a similar price range often offer advanced MIDI features and options.

The Analogue Solutions Ample synthesizer is a powerful and diverse instrument that offers an impressive range of features, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create complex and unique analogue sounds. Its all-analogue design, versatile oscillators, flexible modulation routing, and easy integration with other modular systems make it a valuable addition to any synth enthusiast’s setup. While its price and additional patch pin costs might be off-putting for some, professionals and experienced musicians searching for a powerful desktop synthesizer with a wide range of capabilities will find the Ample to be an attractive option.

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