Anyma Phi Firmware Update Released by Aodyo Instruments

Aodyo Instruments have recently launched a firmware update for their Anyma Phi physical modelling synthesizer. This update introduces a variety of new modules that expand the instrument’s soundset, bringing the total to 53 oscillator types, 35 effects, and 46 modulator types.

The firmware update introduces two new physical models: Brass and Free Reed, providing an extended range of real-world sound sources. In addition, there are seven new oscillator options, including four virtual analogue designs such as CSAW, SAWSQR, CAWCOMB, and MORPH, which is inspired by the RSF Kobol. The update also includes three digital oscillators – FM, SawFM, and ZPDF, aiming to emulate the sound of Casio’s CZ-series instruments.

Furthermore, the update includes new physical modelling-oriented effects known as Comb Filter and Filter Bank. Aodyo Instruments has also added a variety of new patches to the factory presets, showcasing the sonic possibilities of the newly introduced modules.


The latest Anyma Phi firmware update is now available for download on the Aodyo Instruments website. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals