Aodyo Instruments: Initiates Loom Kickstarter campaign

Aodyo Instruments has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Loom, an MPE-capable MIDI ribbon controller that expands on the concepts established in their Sylphyo and Anyma synthesizers. In this review, we will delve deeper into the features of Loom and provide you with an overview of what to expect from this innovative MIDI controller.

Feature List:

1. MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) capability: Loom is built to optimize performance using MPE, enabling you to have greater control over every aspect of your music, such as pitch, timbre, and dynamics.

2. Compatibility with standard MIDI instruments: Even though Loom is primarily designed for MPE use, it remains fully compatible with your existing MIDI gear, incorporating both USB and TRS-based MIDI connectivity.

3. Wooden touch strip: Available in two- and three-octave configurations, the wooden touch strip offers independent control over pitch, timbre, and dynamics for each finger you place on its surface.

4. Multiple playing modes: Loom comes with keyboard, ribbon, strum, and drum kit playing modes straight out of the box. Additionally, Aodyo Instruments plans to introduce even more playing modes through future software updates.

5. Tactile sliders and bars: The controller features tactile sliders and bars located on the front and back edges of the casing, providing enhanced touch control and versatility.

6. Pressure-sensitive zone: To the left of Loom’s top panel, there is an additional pressure-sensitive area to further expand your expressive possibilities.

Demo Video:

Below is a video demonstrating a prototype of the Loom in action. This should give you a good idea of how the controller looks, feels, and performs.

Pricing & Availability:

The Kickstarter campaign for Loom is currently live, with pledges starting at €239. Early backers can receive up to a 40% discount off the final retail price of the controller. Aodyo Instruments aims to start shipping Loom by summer 2024 if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.


1. MPE capability: The Loom’s support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression sets it apart from other controllers, granting you unparalleled control and expressivity in your music-making process.

2. Compatibility with existing MIDI gear: The ability to use Loom with both MPE and standard MIDI instruments ensures you can easily integrate it into your existing setup without hassle.

3. Multiple playing modes: The inclusion of various playing modes, as well as the promise of additional modes via software updates, means that Loom can cater to a wide range of musical styles and performance techniques.

4. Stylish design and wooden touch strip: Loom’s sleek design, including the wooden touch strip, adds a touch of elegance to its functionality.


1. Pricing: While the controller’s price may be justified by its features and capabilities, some musicians might find it more expensive than other MIDI controllers on the market, especially those without MPE support.

2. Learning curve: The unique touch controls and features may take some time to get used to, particularly for those who are new to MPE and ribbon-style controllers.

Aodyo Instruments’ Loom MIDI ribbon controller presents an exciting combination of MPE capabilities, compatibility with existing MIDI gear, and innovative playing modes. Its stylish design and versatile touch controls make it a fascinating addition to any musician’s arsenal. If you’re looking for an expressive MIDI controller that can elevate your music-making experience, the Loom may be worth considering, especially if you can take advantage of the discounted pricing during the Kickstarter campaign. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals