Arturia Introduces KeyStep Pro Chroma: A Detailed Product Review

KeyStep Pro Chroma – MIDI Controller Keyboard in New Stylish Design and Updated Functionality

Arturia launches the KeyStep Pro Chroma, a revamped version of their popular MIDI controller keyboard. This new release offers upgraded stylish dark grey casing, blue LED lights, improved knob designs, and advanced firmware that provide enhanced performance and convenience features.

Product highlights:
– Dark casing with upgraded LEDs and knobs
– Four independent polyphonic sequencer tracks and 24-part drum sequencer
– Rich connectivity options with MIDI, CV, and USB I/O
– Customizable button colors on a per-track basis
– Enhanced firmware version 2.5

The KeyStep Pro Chroma retains all the powerful sequencing capabilities and a wealth of connectivity options of the original KeyStep Pro that offer in-depth control over both software and hardware instruments. Users can enjoy the four independent polyphonic sequencer tracks and 24-part drum sequencer, as well as MIDI, CV, and USB I/O connections.

New Design

The most notable upgrade in the KeyStep Pro Chroma is the new dark casing, which gives the device a sleeker and more attractive appearance. The blue LED lights and upgraded knob designs complement the new look, creating a more modern and edgy aesthetic. Furthermore, users now have the option to customize the colors of the controller buttons on a per-track basis, which adds a personal touch and offers better organization.

Firmware Update

In line with the launch of the KeyStep Pro Chroma, Arturia has introduced firmware version 2.5, which further enhances the device’s functionality. Developed in response to feature requests from existing KeyStep Pro users, the new firmware includes:

1. Program Changes: Users can now send program changes on a per-pattern and per-MIDI track basis for increased versatility.
2. Fixed Velocity Function: This new feature allows users to determine a fixed velocity value for pressed keys and triggered notes controlled using the Velocity encoder.
3. Quick Access: Track settings such as MIDI I/O, Fixed Velocity, and Program Change can now be accessed quickly by pressing Shift and a track number. These settings remain available through the Utility menu.
4. Transpose Toggle: The Transpose button can now be configured to toggle Transpose Mode on when pressed for improved usability.

Pricing & Availability

The KeyStep Pro Chroma is currently available at a price of €499.

– Sleek, stylish new design with dark casing, blue LEDs, and upgraded knobs
– Customizable button colors for better organization
– Enhanced firmware with added features for increased versatility and accessibility
– Retains all powerful sequencing capabilities and connectivity options of the original KeyStep Pro

– Higher price point compared to the original KeyStep Pro
– Customizable button colors may not be an essential feature for all users

The KeyStep Pro Chroma is an excellent choice for musicians looking for a refined and updated version of the KeyStep Pro. The sleek design, customizable button colors, and enhanced firmware brings new life to this powerful and versatile MIDI controller keyboard.

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