Arturia update MiniLab 3 firmware

Arturia MiniLab 3 Firmware Update: A Game-Changer for Music Producers..

Arturia, a leading brand in the world of music production, has recently released a firmware update for their popular MiniLab 3 controller. This update comes as a result of valuable user feedback, and brings a range of performance improvements and DAW integration upgrades that are sure to delight musicians and producers alike.

One of the standout features of the V1.1 firmware update is the ability to set the MiniLab 3’s encoders to Absolute or Relative modes. This is a significant enhancement that provides users with more flexibility and control over their MIDI mappings. Absolute mode allows for precise control over parameter values, while Relative mode offers three different operation modes, making it easier to adapt the controller for use with any type of device. This versatility is a game-changer, allowing musicians to fine-tune their MIDI mappings to suit their specific workflow and production needs.

Another notable improvement in the firmware update is the enhanced transport control. MiniLab 3 users can now lock the device’s pads in Shift mode, providing instant access to the controls at all times. This is a highly requested feature that streamlines the workflow and allows for quicker and more efficient control over transport functions, such as play, stop, record, and loop. It’s a small but significant change that adds to the overall usability and convenience of the controller.

In terms of DAW integration, the MiniLab 3 now offers expanded compatibility with various DAW protocols, including HUI, MCU, and Arturia’s own scripts. This means that users can now take control of parameters such as track navigation and fader levels directly from the MiniLab 3, without having to rely solely on their mouse or keyboard. This greatly enhances the hands-on experience of music production, allowing users to focus on their creativity and musical ideas, rather than getting bogged down with tedious mouse clicks.

Arturia has also introduced a new dedicated script for users of Cubase, one of the most popular DAWs among professional music producers. This script provides deep integration with Cubase, allowing for seamless control over a wide range of parameters, including track selection, automation, and plugin control. This is a significant enhancement for Cubase users who rely on the MiniLab 3 as their primary MIDI controller, and it’s a testament to Arturia’s commitment to providing top-notch DAW integration for their users.

Another standout feature of the firmware update is the introduction of the Auto Clock function. This innovative feature allows the MiniLab 3 to automatically switch to its internal clock in the absence of a clock signal from a connected DAW. This is particularly useful in situations where users are working with multiple MIDI devices that may not always be in sync, or when working with hardware synthesizers that require precise timing. The Auto Clock function ensures that the MiniLab 3 remains in sync with the rest of the setup, eliminating any timing issues and allowing for a smooth and seamless production workflow.

In addition to these performance improvements and DAW integration upgrades, Arturia has also made several other smaller tweaks and bug fixes in the firmware update, further enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the MiniLab 3 controller. Arturia has a reputation for providing regular firmware updates for their products, and this latest update is a testament to their commitment to continuously improving the user experience and addressing user feedback.

The V1.1 firmware update for the Arturia MiniLab 3 controller is a significant step forward in enhancing the performance and functionality of this popular MIDI controller. The ability to set the encoders to Absolute or Relative modes, improved transport control, expanded DAW integration, including a dedicated script for Cubase, and the introduction of the Auto Clock function are all valuable additions that greatly enhance the usability and versatility..


The new firmware is available as a free download to all MiniLab 3 owners, and can be obtained via Arturia’s MIDI Control Center software.

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