Ashdown’s New Lightweight Bass Amp

Introducing the lightweight, innovative powerhouse – Ashdown’s OriginAL EVO C112T combo amplifier. An assertive evolution in the world of bass combo amps, this latest product offers a unique blend of power, functionality, and portability. Weighing just under 30 pounds, this versatile amplifier eliminates the old, common problem bassists faced – the hassle of carrying a massive amp that weighs like a refrigerator.

The OriginAL EVO C112T bass amp isn’t just about its weight; it’s a compact powerhouse that offers a colossal 300 watts, providing deep, robust, and airy bass tones perfect for a variety of music genres. Whether you’re playing in a small rehearsal hall or a packed concert venue, this amp promises to offer a stunning performance.

The build of the Ashdown OriginAL EVO C112T comprises essential features aimed at maximizing ease of use and versatility. This combo amp comes equipped with a comprehensive 5-band EQ, explicitly designed for bassists to fine-tune their sound to their unique playing styles and sonic needs. Whether you’re all about that trebly punch or prefer an earth-shaking low-end, this amp has the EQ functionalities to get your bass singing just how you like it.

Further adding to the amplifier’s convenience are additional features that provide a tailored and efficient user experience. These include a front-facing FX loop that makes it easy to integrate pedals and effects into your sound, and a high-quality XLR DI output that ensures seamless connectivity to PA systems or studio gear. Plus, the headphone jack enables silent practicing for those late-night rehearsal sessions.

What also stands out in this model is its kickback design. This thoughtful feature allows the amp to double as a floor monitor, providing a more direct sound making it an ideal choice for bassists who remain close to their amp during performances.

As with all Ashdown products, user-friendliness was considered in the design. The front panel provides a compact view of all the amp’s controls, making it intuitive and straightforward to use.

In terms of pricing, the Ashdown OriginAL EVO C112T is pegged at $799.99. For the slew of benefits and high-quality performance it offers, its pricing is reasonable.


– Lightweight Design
– Delivers 300 watts power
– 5-band EQ
– A front-facing FX loop
– XLR DI output
– Headphone jack
– Kickback design
– Compact front panel view of amplifier’s controls


– Lightweight and portable without sacrificing power and performance
– Comprehensive 5-band EQ caters to various playing styles
– Front-facing FX loop and XLR DI output enhance utility and flexibility
– Kickback design doubles as a floor monitor for improved direct sound
– Compact front panel allows intuitive controls setup
– Competitive price for the set of features offered


– Some users may prefer different amplifiers in the same price range with a more significant bass response and wattage.
– May not be suitable for bassists who seek a tube-amp tone as it is a solid-state amplifier.

The Ashdown OriginAL EVO C112T combo amplifier stands as a strong contender in the music gear market due to its high-functionality features, lightweight design, and robust power. For bassists seeking an all-in-one solution that delivers quantity as well as quality, this would be hard to beat.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

– 5 Stars: “I love how light it is, and it sounds amazing!”
– 4 Stars: “Adjustable EQ is on point. Only misses the 5th star due to lack of tube-amp tone, but it’s still a solid buy!”
– 5 Stars: “Affordable, feature-packed, and high-quality bass amp. Great value for money!”
– 3 Stars: “The amp is okay; however, I found ones with more wattage and deeper bass response in the same price range.” - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals