Before the age of Apple Music and Spotify, music lovers could be found at their local record stores, flipping through stacks of albums in search of their next purchase. Presented by Discogs, the world’s biggest online music database and marketplace, Crate Diggers is a series of international events that aim to unite vinyl lovers and turn back time for a few hours, allowing attendees to browse through records and listen to them on the spot! Last week, Audio-Technica was excited to be on-site and sponsor Crate Diggers New York at the PlayStation Theater in New York City. Continue reading to learn more about the event and what A-T had on display!

    Crate Diggers New York 2019 Recap

    A day filled with live music, on-site DJs, vinyl vendors, and live experiences, Crate Diggers promotes vinyl, collectability, and all things music. New York’s event began with attendees having the chance to browse the record fair. Turntable fanatics spent hours flipping through classic records and A-T proudly displayed some of our favorite turntables and headphones for easy listening.


    After digging through dozens of vinyl-filled crates, attendees had the opportunity to stop by the A-T booth to give them a spin on our turntables. On display included the AT-LP140XP, AT-LP120XUSB, and AT-LP60XHP-GM turntable/headphone bundle.

    Audio-Technica at Crate Diggers New York: Vinyl & More


    Crate Diggers attendees were also able to test out a variety of A-T headphones on display, like the ATH-M40x, ATH-SR50, and plenty of others!

    Audio-Technica at Crate Diggers New York: Vinyl & More

    However, the beloved #BigM50s were the main attraction at the A-T booth! Music lovers enjoyed taking photos and posing with the oversized ATH-M50x headphones throughout the event.

    Audio-Technica at Crate Diggers New York: Vinyl & More

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