Audiomovers Launches New Year Collection: An In-Depth Product Review

Audiomovers, a company dedicated to providing solutions for studio users to collaborate remotely without compromising audio quality, has released the New Year Collection. The collection comprises six new bundles that offer various combinations of their software packages, each catering to different production workflows with a focus on immersive audio. I had the opportunity to try them out, and here’s my comprehensive review.


– LISTENTO: Allows streaming of audio from a DAW in real-time, supporting up to 32-bit/96kHz file formats and up to 16 channels of multichannel audio.
– OMNIBUS: A virtual patchbay for macOS users to route audio between different apps and hardware I/O, as well as split or combine multiple inputs and outputs.
– INJECT: Enables the routing of audio between a DAW track and other applications or devices.
– Web Transmitter: Integrates LISTENTO’s streaming functionality into a web browser.
– Binaural Renderer: Provides a solution for users to audition how their immersive mixes will be affected by Apple Music’s binaural processing.


1. Versatile and user-friendly: The New Year Collection offers a variety of packages for different production scenarios, such as multi-room studios, mixing for Apple Music, and production workflows.
2. High-quality audio streaming: LISTENTO enables high-quality audio streaming at up to 32-bit/96kHz, allowing collaborators to work together remotely with superb audio quality.
3. Comprehensive routing options: With OMNIBUS and INJECT, users can easily route audio between various apps, hardware, and devices.
4. Immersive audio focus: The bundles provide tools geared towards immersive audio production, including the Binaural Renderer for Apple Music compatibility.
5. Value for money: By bundling multiple software packages, users can save on overall costs compared to purchasing the software individually.


1. macOS limitation: Some features, such as OMNIBUS, are exclusively available for macOS users. Windows users may not fully benefit from the entire collection.
2. Potential learning curve: For those new to Audiomovers products, there could be a slight learning curve in understanding and integrating these tools into their workflows.

Bundles and Pricing

1. The Studio Suite – $3999.99: Six licenses of The Audiomovers Suite.
2. The Audiomovers Suite – $649.99: Three years of LISTENTO Pro, Binaural Renderer, and OMNIBUS.
3. The Immersive Suite – $329.99: One year of LISTENTO pro, OMNIBUS, and Binaural Renderer.
4. LISTENTO + Renderer – $224.99: LISTENTO Pro annual subscription and Binaural Renderer.
5. Production Essentials – $199.99: LISTENTO Pro annual subscription and INJECT.
6. Immersive Essentials – $184.99: OMNIBUS and Binaural Renderer.

The New Year Collection by Audiomovers offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to various production workflows and scenarios. As a product reviewer, I found the collection versatile and user-friendly, with high-quality audio streaming and comprehensive routing options being some of its best features. The bundles also provide great value for money, especially for more advanced users focusing on immersive audio production. As a Windows user, I felt particularly excluded from some features; however, macOS users will fully benefit from the offerings in this collection. Overall, the Audiomovers New Year Collection is worth considering for any audio professional looking to streamline their workflows and enhance their remote collaboration capabilities. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals