Bitwig & Orchestral Tools’ Orchestral Brass Reviewed

Bitwig & Orchestral Tools’ Orchestral Brass Review: A Versatile and High-Quality Brass Sample Package

Bitwig, a renowned music production software company, has teamed up with Orchestral Tools, a leading sample library provider, to offer a new sound package for Bitwig Studio DAW users. Named Orchestral Brass, this package aims to provide users with a diverse and high-quality selection of brass samples specifically designed for use within the Bitwig Studio DAW’s Sampler tool. This review examines the features, compatibility, and pricing of Orchestral Brass to help potential users decide whether this package is a worthwhile investment for their music production projects.


1. Variety of Brass Samples: Orchestral Brass offers an impressive range of brass samples, including an ensemble patch containing a full brass section, trumpet/horn ensembles, and trombone/tuba ensembles. With various articulations such as sustained, sustained soft, staccato, marcato, muted sustained, and muted staccato, this package ensures flexibility in creating unique and dynamic compositions.
2. High-Quality Samples: Bitwig and Orchestral Tools have ensured that every note and nuance of the brass samples is captured with expert care and attention to detail. This translates into natural volume balancing across all instruments, contributing to the professional quality of the package.
3. Optimized for Bitwig Studio DAW’s Sampler tool: The samples in Orchestral Brass have been specifically optimized for use within the Bitwig Studio DAW’s Sampler tool, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use for users of this software.
4. Complements Orchestral Tools’ existing offerings: Orchestral Brass joins the previously released Orchestral Strings and Orchestral Woodwinds packages, enhancing the versatility and comprehensive nature of the overall Orchestral Tools sample library.


Orchestral Brass is designed exclusively for use within Bitwig Studio and can be easily accessed via the Packages tab within the DAW’s Dashboard. Ensure that you have at least 3.7GB of available disk space to install the package.

Pricing & Availability

Orchestral Brass is currently available and offered for free to users with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan. This makes it an attractive investment for existing Bitwig Studio users seeking to expand their sample library without additional costs.


1. Extensive range of high-quality brass samples, catering to various styles and genres of music production.
2. Seamless integration with Bitwig Studio DAW’s Sampler tool, making it user-friendly and easy to use.
3. Offered for free to existing Bitwig Studio users with an active Upgrade Plan, making it a cost-effective addition to their sample library collection.
4. Enhances the overall versatility and comprehensiveness of the Orchestral Tools sample library, benefiting users seeking a well-rounded orchestral sound package.


1. Exclusive compatibility with Bitwig Studio DAW means that users of other DAWs will not be able to utilize this package.
2. Users must have an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan to access the package for free, which may be a barrier for some potential users.
Overall, the Orchestral Brass package by Bitwig and Orchestral Tools delivers an impressive selection of high-quality brass samples that are specifically optimized for use within Bitwig Studio DAW’s Sampler tool. With its extensive range of brass samples and articulations, Orchestral Brass offers versatility and flexibility that will undoubtedly benefit music producers seeking to expand their sonic palette.

For users with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan, the free access to Orchestral Brass is a fantastic bonus, providing a cost-effective way to enhance their sample library collection. Despite its compatibility limitations, Orchestral Brass remains a worthwhile investment for Bitwig Studio users seeking high-quality, versatile, and easily integrated brass samples for their music production projects.

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