Blue Cat Audio® announce Axiom™ V2 & Fader Hub™

Blue Cat Audio® Launches Axiom™ V2 & Fader Hub™..

Blue Cat Audio®, a leading audio software developer, has unveiled their latest products – Axiom™ V2 and Fader Hub™. Axiom™ V2 is a feature-packed multi-effects processor while Fader Hub™ is a versatile MIDI controller. Both products are designed to enhance the workflow of musicians and audio engineers and are fully customizable to suit individual needs.

Axiom™ V2: A Feature-Packed Multi-FX Processor..

Axiom™ V2 is a comprehensive multi-effects processor that offers a range of features including amp simulation, stompbox modeling, and effects. The platform is compatible with third-party plug-ins and can be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in within a DAW. The software comes with a library of presets to get users started and is fully customizable to suit individual preferences.

Revamped UI for Axiom™ V2 Enhances Workflow..

The revamped user interface for Axiom™ V2 enhances workflow and makes it easier to navigate. The interface includes drag and drop functionality, which allows users to quickly rearrange effects chains. Additionally, the software now includes a new preset browser that makes it easy to find and save presets.

Fader Hub™: A Versatile MIDI Controller..

Fader Hub™ is a versatile MIDI controller that can be used with any DAW. The controller features eight motorized faders, eight rotary encoders, and 32 buttons. The buttons can be programmed to perform a variety of functions, including triggering effects, recording, and looping. The controller is also compatible with Blue Cat Audio®’s Axiom™ V2, allowing users to control parameters in real-time.

Customizable Fader Hub™ for Precise Control..

The Fader Hub™ is fully customizable, allowing users to map controls to their specific needs. The controller includes a software editor that allows users to set up custom mappings for their favorite DAW or plug-in. The editor also includes a built-in MIDI monitor, which makes it easy to troubleshoot issues and ensure that all controls are working as intended.

Integrate Axiom™ V2 & Fader Hub™ with Your DAW..

Both Axiom™ V2 and Fader Hub™ can be integrated with any DAW, making it easy to incorporate them into existing workflows. The software is compatible with all major DAWs, including Logic Pro X™, Pro Tools™, and Ableton Live™. The Fader Hub can also be used as a standalone MIDI controller, making it a versatile addition to any studio setup.

Advanced MIDI Mapping for Fader Hub™ and Axiom™ V2..

Both the Fader Hub™ and Axiom™ V2 offer advanced MIDI mapping capabilities, allowing users to map any control to any parameter in their DAW or plug-in. This feature makes it easy to customize workflows and create personalized control layouts. Additionally, the software includes a MIDI learn function, which makes it easy to assign controls on the fly.

Affordable Pricing for Axiom™ V2 & Fader Hub™..

Blue Cat Audio® has priced both Axiom™ V2 and Fader Hub™ at an affordable price point, making them accessible to musicians and audio engineers of all levels. The software is available for purchase on the Blue Cat Audio® website and includes a 30-day free trial.

Blue Cat Audio®’s Axiom™ V2 and Fader Hub™ are versatile additions to any studio setup. The feature-packed multi-effects processor and versatile MIDI controller offer advanced customization options and are compatible with all major DAWs. With an affordable price point and a 30-day free trial, there’s no reason not to give Axiom™ V2 and Fader Hub™ a try.

Price & Availability..

Axiom™ V2 and Fader Hub™ are expected to be released to the public later this year, as standalone applications and plug-ins for Mac and PC.

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