Cableguys ShaperBox 3.5 Update: A Comprehensive Product Review

Cableguys ShaperBox 3.5 Review: A Versatile Effects Plug-in Bundle for Audio Professionals

The Cableguys ShaperBox 3.5 is the latest update to an already popular and well-received bundle of versatile effects plug-ins for audio professionals. This update introduces a range of analogue-style features and enhancements, bringing some key features from the recently released FilterShaper XL to ShaperBox’s other modules. In this review, I will highlight some of the new additions to the ShaperBox 3.5 bundle, discuss compatibility and pricing, and weigh its pros and cons.

Feature List

1. Analog-Style Features: The ShaperBox 3.5 update introduces a range of analogue-style features and enhancements, providing more choices to the user.
2. Smooth Clip Algorithm: The DriveShaper distortion module now includes the Smooth Clip algorithm from FilterShaper XL, offering a wider range of tonal options.
3. FilterShaper Core: This module has been equipped with the algorithms and features introduced in FilterShaper XL, providing more control for users.
4. Warm Filters: These filters can now control the Resonance Distortion section for achieving warm-sounding textures and controlling squealing resonances.
5. Hard Dist Option: Introduces hard clipping for a more aggressive sound character.
6. Safe Res Option: Allows you to turn off the plug-in’s filters’ self-oscillation.
7. Animated Filter Response Curve: Provides real-time visual feedback of modulation behavior.


ShaperBox 3.5 is compatible with both Windows (7 and above) and macOS (10.13 or higher) systems, and can be installed as VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU plug-in formats.

Pricing and Availability

ShaperBox 3.5 is available for purchase now and is being offered at a discounted price of €89 (regular price €340) as part of the Cableguys Winter Sale. The update is free for all existing users.


1. Versatility: The ShaperBox 3.5 bundle offers a wide range of effects plug-ins, making it suitable for a variety of audio tasks.
2. Enhanced Features: The latest update brings several new features and improvements to the existing plug-ins, opening up more possibilities for users.
3. Ease of Use: The plug-in design is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a simple choice for both beginners and professionals.
4. Pricing: The discounted price during the Winter Sale makes this bundle an attractive investment for the features it offers.
5. Compatibility: ShaperBox 3.5 supports a range of plug-in formats and works on both Windows and macOS systems.


1. Regular Price: The regular price of €340 might be on the steeper side for some users. However, the Winter Sale discount makes it a more appealing purchase.
2. Learning Curve: The number of features and tools in this bundle may require some time for new users to learn and fully utilize its potential.

The Cableguys ShaperBox 3.5 update brings a range of improvements and new features to an already impressive and versatile effects plug-in bundle. With Smooth Clip, improved FilterShaper, Warm Filters, and more, this update caters to a wide audience of audio professionals looking for a comprehensive effects package.

While the regular price point may be a consideration for some, the current Winter Sale discount makes ShaperBox 3.5 an attractive purchase. Additionally, with compatibility for both Windows and macOS and a range of plug-in formats, this update is a valuable asset for any audio professional seeking versatile effects plug-ins.

With ShaperBox 3.5, Cableguys continues to innovate and improve their product offerings, solidifying their position as a leader in audio effects plug-ins. Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or just starting in the field, ShaperBox 3.5 comes highly recommended.

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