Country music singer-songwriter Keith Urban’s haters are aren’t shy about sharing their opinions. Check out how he deals with their input, here!

Like anyone in the spotlight, country music superstar Keith Urban has his own group of naysayers. Over the decades, the singer-songwriter has stayed true to his own style and sound. Despite earning many awards and spinning off numerous No. 1 hit songs, Keith Urban’s haters are often vocal.

As Keith shared with Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown, he’s not going to let others dictate his creativity.

“[I create] by not being obsessively plugged in to begin with, you know?” Keith explained. “Sort of staying a little bit on the—not the periphery of it, but just not all in, all the time, 24-seven. I think you just have to keep a balance in everything really, because it is a challenging time to create because there’s so many people ready to just yuck your yum. And, you can’t let that stop you for lots of reasons. You’ve got to be able to express. You’ve got to be true, fully unfiltered true in your art, and what it is you want to say. But also it can be art that people really need. I’m talking about poetry or photography or movies or books or anything—the naysayers may very well be the people that need it the most, so it’s imperative to be allowed to write and create freely.”

That’s some good advice— don’t let negativity impact how you express yourself. And he’s right, those who brush off what you’re doing may be the ones who need to be exposed to what you’re doing the most. Keith Urban’s haters haven’t changed him, so yours shouldn’t either!

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