Cranborne Audio Reveals the Carnaby Harmonic EQ

Cranborne Audio, a UK-based audio equipment manufacturer, has recently announced the release of their latest creation, the Carnaby Harmonic EQ. This new 500-series equalizer module boasts the first new analogue audio circuit in 40 years and is designed to provide a unique approach to equalization, with its three bands designed to apply increasing amounts of harmonic saturation to the input signal. Additionally, the Carnaby Harmonic EQ incorporates an innovative new method for linking the controls of multiple units.

Each of the unit’s three bands offers ±10dB of adjustment in 0.5dB steps, allowing users to define the amount of saturation added around the band’s center frequency. The high-frequency control can be set anywhere between 5 and 25 kHz, while the mid-range offers settings between 200Hz and 6.2kHz, and the low-frequency band can be placed between 20 and 420 Hz. The pair of input and output controls each provides ±20dB of gain, with the former allowing users to increase or decrease the amount of saturation added by the EQ bands, and the latter offering a way to maintain gain structure.

One of the most unique features of the Carnaby Harmonic EQ is the LED indicator on the top of the module, providing a visual indication of the signal level after the input control. The LED illuminates green at levels between -20 and +20 dBu, amber at +21dBu, and red to indicate clipping at +24dBu. The same LED will also turn red in the event of the device’s output exceeding +24dBu. Each EQ band is then equipped with its own dedicated LED, with their brightness displaying how much harmonic saturation is being applied.

Cranborne Audio has also implemented an innovative new technology called Optosync. This move allows one module’s controls to take over the parameters of a second module mounted to its right-hand side in the same chassis. The feature works by employing a pair of LEDs on the right of the unit, which then line up with optical sensors on the next, allowing control data to be passed wirelessly between the two devices. This feature is engaged by a switch on the front panel.

The Carnaby Harmonic EQ is available now at £499, including VAT. This price point makes the device accessible to a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts, positioning it as a solid investment for those looking to take their sound to the next level. Overall, the Carnaby Harmonic EQ is an exciting addition to the audio industry and a testament to the innovative thinking and dedication to quality that Cranborne Audio is known for.

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