Atlanta rap group Earthgang is gearing up for a big release. The duo, comprised of rappers Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, has been cryptically telling fans to keep their eyes on YouTube, but they have now given more concrete details. Following their single, “Up,” Earthgang announced their debut album, Mirrorland is slated for release September 6th. Earthgang announced the album’s release by dropping a music video to their song “Ready to Die.”

    The “Ready to Die” music video opens with a shot of a spinning record. The camera pans to show one rapper laying on the floor and the other on the ceiling. The remainder of the video places Earthgang as the subject of several genres of film. The final scene of the video places the rappers sprawled out, seemingly deceased, on a forest floor. The camera pans upward while words appear across the screen announce Mirrorland‘s release date.

    Before releasing the music video, Earthgang hinted at a release on social media. The group began by posting photos of tarot cards. One card is titled with their song “Ready to Die,” so it seems as though Earthgang could be revealing the titles to other tracks on Mirrorland.


    — EarthGang #WhatOnEarthTour Now On Sale (@EarthGang) September 2, 2019


    — EarthGang #WhatOnEarthTour Now On Sale (@EarthGang) September 2, 2019


    Mirrorland is out everywhere September 6th via Dreamville/Interscope. Watch the music video to “Ready to Die” above.

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