Ernie Ball Music Man Releases Another Demo for Luke 4

Detailed Review of the Ernie Ball Music Man – Steve Lukather 30th Anniversary Edition Luke 4

Ernie Ball Music Man, a leading brand for guitar enthusiasts, recently released a second demo of their new Steve Lukather 30th Anniversary edition – the Luke 4. The brand collaborated with the renowned Blues Saraceno to radiate the beautiful craftsmanship and versatility of this instrument, providing an all-round experience that appealed to all types of guitarists.

The Steve Lukather 30th Anniversary Luke 4 is an instrument crafted with precision, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional quality components. The guitar brilliantly hosts a Steamroller Walnut Burst satin finish that flaunts its aesthetic integrity. Perfectly complimenting the finish is a Flame Maple top on an exotic Black Limba body that brings out the exotic appeal and beautifully contrasts the overall color scheme of the guitar.

Sitting nestled within this stunning body is a Figured Roasted Maple neck set in a soft “V” profile, making it perfect for fast playing and string bending. To top it all, the Luke 4 adorns an Ebony fingerboard which is associated with a bright tone and slick, fast playing surface.

At the heart of the Luke 4 lie its proprietary HSS pickups, specially designed for this model. The versatile and responsive pickups are controlled by a knob with a push/push switch that allows you to add a 20+ dB gain boost at any point. The control layout is rounded off with a tone knob, and a 5-way pickup selector switch that offers a wide range of tonal options.

The Luke 4 is also equipped with some stunning hardware. The guitar boasts a Music Man floating double-locking tremolo, designed to deliver superior tuning stability and a streamlined look. Additionally, black Schaller M6-IND locking tuners add another layer of tuning security.

Feature List

1. Steamroller Walnut Burst satin finish
2. Flame Maple top on a Black Limba body
3. Figured Roasted Maple neck set in a soft “V” profile
4. Ebony fingerboard
5. Proprietary HSS pickups
6. Knob with push/push switch for a 20+ dB gain boost
7. Tone knob and 5-way pickup selector switch
8. Music Man floating double-locking tremolo
9. Black Schaller M6-IND locking tuners


1. Aesthetically pleasing design with an exotic Walnut finish and a contrasting Black Limba body.
2. High-quality components ensure longevity and sturdy performance.
3. Versatile tone controls are easy to operate and offer various tonal options.
4. A soft “V” neck profile is extremely comfortable and accommodating for different playing styles.
5. The proprietary HSS pickups and gain boost feature ensure a powerful and distinctive sound.


1. The pricing might not be budget-friendly for all potential buyers.
2. Tone controls and pickup selections could be complex for novice players.

The Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Lukather 30th Anniversary Edition Luke 4 is available for purchase at $3,999. Despite the steep price tag, its exceptional features quality craftsmanship, and superior tone make it a unique and valuable addition to any guitar collection. Indeed, this instrument is more than a simple guitar; it is a tribute to 30 years of innovation, craftsmanship, and inspiration.

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