In the 40-plus years since their 1975 formation, Iron Maiden have served as the embodiment of all that defines heavy metal. In this fan-validated genre, they’ve done everything on their own terms, even back in their earliest days where they refused to conform to punk standards in order to secure a record deal. The unwavering Steve Harris had a vision, compromising nothing (except maybe for the tempo of “Flight of Icarus”) as Iron Maiden’s timeless songs and mythical stage productions won fans over worldwide with little help from the mainstream so many of their peers thrived on.

    Boasting, in our estimation, the strongest catalog in metal, ranking every song from Eddie and the boys was a daunting but welcome challenge. Each song a storybook of sorts, Iron Maiden have taken their listeners through the war-torn skies where fighter pilots clashed in World War II, ushered the condemned on the lonely walk to the gallows, traveled back to ancient Egypt where men became gods (not a far cry from their immortal heavy metal status) and through other historic moments and realms of fantastic escape through literature and film.

    Even in the 21st century, Iron Maiden’s output has contested their stunning seven album streak in the ‘80s. Not content to resign themselves to being a greatest hits band, they’ve alternated album tours with nods to specific eras in their past, demonstrating the staying power of their entire catalog, even resurrecting two classics from the divisive Blaze Bayley era on their 2018 “Legacy of the Beast” tour.

    No other band has maintained such a level of dominance for so long, a notion that becomes soberingly evident as you scroll through our ranking of Iron Maiden’s songs below, with dozens of fan-favorites appearing well beyond the 75 mark.

    Up the irons today, tomorrow and for all eternity — even if eternity should fail.

    Every Iron Maiden Song Ranked

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