Every Quad Cortex Purchase, NEURAL DSP Offers a Free Plug-In

The search for perfecting sound has driven musicians for as long as music has existed. In recent years, the quest for excellent tones and effects has led to technical advancements and ground-breaking developments in music-making equipment. Notably, Neural DSP’s Quad Cortex takes its place as a revolutionary asset in the sound equipment industry. Presently, a chance to get the Quad Cortex and secure a free plug-in worth up to $150 is an opportunity that cannot be bypassed quickly. Though it doesn’t come off as a discount, the perk of not spending approximately $150 on any choice of fantastic new tone may have significant appeal for musicians yearning for high-quality tones.

The core attribute of the Quad Cortex is the colossal power it wields as an amp modeler. This is not just another piece of gear that musicians use to color their tone or sprinkle magic dust on their music. It’s a game-changer. The power of the Quad Cortex originates from its six cores generating an incredible amount of processing capacity. This exceptional capacity offers virtually unlimited possibilities for designing sounds.

The Quad Cortex is more than just about gross processing power. It gives the user a kind of versatility and adaptability that were unimaginable until now. It empowers you to operate a broad gamut of effects and amplifier models in parallel, transforming the way you sculpt your guitar’s voice.

To add to its admirable list of assets, Neural DSP’s unique biomimetic AI technology gives the Quad Cortex another intriguing facet. This technology, unique to Neural DSP, allows the unit to capture, download, and distribute the impressive sounds derived from your favorite rig.

Interestingly, the Quad Cortex doesn’t just come with remarkable power and flexibility; it also has remarkably user-friendly attributes. The 7″ multi-touch display is a notable feature that bridges the gap between the traditional physical gear world and the processing powerhouses known as tablets. The display is not just large; it’s also intuitive and makes navigating the unit’s vast arsenal of amps, effects, and IRs seem almost effortless.

Speaking of an arsenal, the Quad Cortex comes preloaded with over 90 amplifiers and 100 effects, making it a monstrous playground for tone-chasing enthusiasts. This packed library of high-quality sounds precedes the vast compendium of IRs. The IRs offer another dimension, allowing you to customize your sound and give your music the spice it deserves.

For accessibility, the Quad Cortex harmonizes with both iOS and Android devices through the Cortex Mobile app. Linking the Quad Cortex to your Neural DSP account adds another piece to its versatility puzzle. The backup functionality is an essential function that ensures your favorite and customized sounds don’t vanish into thin air. Beyond this, the Quad Cortex empowers you to download content from other users, opening up another horizon to improve your music.

The Impulse Response Library, unlockable by having the Quad Cortex linked to your Neural DSP account, is another fascinating feature that allows you to manage the IRs stored on your account and transfer them to your Quad Cortex.

Features List

1. Massive processing capacity unheard of in previous units.
2. Capable of running numerous effects and amplifier models simultaneously.
3. Unique biomimetic AI technology for capturing, sharing, and downloading rigs’ sounds.
4. Big, easy-to-use 7” multi-touch screen.
5. Preloaded with over 90 amplifiers, 100 effects, and an amazing array of IRs.
6. Cortex Mobile App compatibility.
7. Ability to back up and share content, and download items from other users.


1. Extraordinary processing power.
2. High versatility with numerous amps and effects.
3. Accessibility via Cortex Mobile App.
4. Intuitive and easy-to-use multi-touch display.


1. No direct discount on purchase; instead you get a free plug-in.
2. Its immense functionality may be overwhelming for new users.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why the Quad Cortex has become increasingly popular among musicians. Its groundbreaking features bound to infinite possibilities impart its effect on the music world. The pros undeniably outweigh the cons, and this is a testament to the amount of work Neural DSP has put in to create a unit that appeals to the modern musician.


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