Experience the Revival of a Moog Classic with Warm Audio’s RingerBringer Ring Modulator

Warm Audio, the industry’s well-known audio gear manufacturer, has reimagined the classic MoogerFooger Pedal with its own distinctive version, the RingerBringer Ring Modulator. This enticing tool brings an authentic vintage ring modulation effect aimed primarily at musicians who seek to explore experimental tones. The RingerBringer is sure to get the attention of any serious sound engineer or an enthusiast who loves to play around with their sound profile. This review will delve more into the details, pros, and cons of this groundbreaking technological powerhouse, informing potential buyers about its capabilities.

The most noteworthy feature of the RingerBringer pedal is its broad range of controls, enabling users to adjust the LFO, MOD, frequency, and rate filters according to their preferences. This makes it a versatile gear that can be customized to produce a broad spectrum of sounds. The option to use an external EXP pedal adds to this versatility, allowing users to manually control the rate, amount, mix or frequency. The handy gadget’s visually appealing design further enhances its appeal.

Furthermore, the RingerBringer provides users with a unique ability to send any keyboard or synth through the pedal for an added harmonic content and modulation. This extends its utility beyond just the usual tone shaping, to give musicians a way to spice up their sound.

The quality of sound produced by the RingerBringer Ring Modulator is another aspect that earns it a worthy spot in any sound engineer’s toolbox. According to Warm Audio, the pedal can produce anything from light Lo-Fi modulation to the piercing sound of infinite ring-modulation. This wide range of outputs allows it to cater to various music genres and different artists’ tastes.


– Advanced control options: LFO, MOD, Frequency, and Rate filters
– Ability to use an external EXP pedal, for manual control of the rate, amount, mix or frequency
– Capability of sending keyboard or synth through for added harmonic content and modulation
– Wide range of sound production: from light Lo-Fi modulation to infinite ring-modulation


– Versatile in function: The RingerBringer pedal provides users with a broad scope of adjustable controls to create a variety of sounds.
– High-quality sound: Warm Audio ensures that the pedal produces excellent sound quality, staying true to their reputation of high-quality audio gear.
– Design: The visual appeal of the RingerBringer is a bonus, as it is sleek yet simple, making it an interesting piece of gear to have in your setup.


– No digital effects: Despite its great capabilities, the RingerBringer is purely analog, limiting its versatility relative to some digital models.
– Lack of preset sounds: While the wide range of controls is a benefit, it can also mean potential users will have to spend more time figuring out the ideal settings for each sound they want to create.

Warm Audio’s RingerBringer Ring Modulator accurately recreates the all-analog ring modulation effect, combining a distinct set of controls and extensive input/output options. Its rich sonic textures are bound to take your sound experimentations to a new level.

Priced at $219, the pedal remains a preferred choice for many reputable artists, including Jeff Beck, Radiohead, Omar Rodríguez-López, and Trent Reznor, and is sure to be a great addition to your setup if you’re looking to achieve that perfect sound.

The RingerBringer could be a winning purchase whether you are a professional musician looking for a reliable and versatile ally, or just an enthusiast keen on upgrading your capabilities to experiment with more versatile outputs. All these aspects considered, Warm Audio’s RingerBringer Ring Modulator surely does warrant the consideration it commands in the market.


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