Exploring the newly arrived AKAI MPC Key 37

Finally, after a period of anticipation, the AKAI MPC Key 37 hits the market! Shaping up to be a game-changing standalone MPC desktop synthesizer, this commanding instrument is a veritable powerhouse that’s set to rewrite the rules when it comes to music production.


The AKAI MPC Key 37 promises to deliver on many fronts, positioning itself as a versatile companion to musicians, DJs, and producers.

Key features include

– Standalone MPC desktop synthesizer: This means that the MPC Key 37 is not dependent on computers and can operate independently, freeing you from the necessity to lug around a laptop for your gigs.

– Onboard sampling: This provides you with the power to capture any sound or musical idea and incorporate it into your production. The possibilities are endless.

– Plugin instruments and insert effects: This expands the range of sounds and effects you can apply to your tracks. The variety means that you can customize your music, making it as unique as you are.

– Splice integration: You can conveniently access millions of high-quality, royalty-free samples, loops, and presets, broadening your music-making capabilities.

– Three-octave full-size keybed: This makes playing a lot easier and comfortable for the fingers as compared to the mini keys often found on compact synthesizers.

– Aftertouch-enabled keys: You can add a personal expressive touch to your performance based on how you press a key after initially striking it.

– 4 Q-link knobs and RGB pads: These give you unprecedented control, allowing you to precisely manipulate levels and parameters as well as beat-making capabilities.

– Varied connectivity: With a range of inputs and outputs, including USB Midi, 5-pin MIDI In/MIDI Out, 4 TRS CV/Gate output jacks, and a USB Host port, you can interface with a gamut of devices.

– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled: Offering seamless connectivity options to enhance your experience.

Pros and Cons

On the plus side, the MPC Key 37 has several attributes that will likely appeal to users:

– Versatility and power: The many features and options offered by MPC Key 37 make it a versatile and powerful tool for musicians.

– Standalone functionality: The ability to operate independently of computers is a significant advantage for mobile musicians or DJ’s who prefer a lighter setup.

– Quality and design: The MPC Key 37 boasts a solid build quality that’s expected from a brand like AKAI, and the design is sleek and modern.

However, there are a couple of potential drawbacks that should be considered:

– Price: At $899, the MPC Key 37 might be a bit steep for some potential buyers, especially beginners or hobbyists.

– Complexity: Due to the multiplicity of its functionalities, the learning curve could be steeper compared to simpler synthesizers.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the AKAI MPC Key 37 generally have favorable reviews regarding the unit. Many customers appreciate the standalone functionality and the variety of importing and exporting options. The sound quality and build are also frequently highlighted positively. Some customers, however, did complain about the price and the complexity of unit, particularly for beginners. However, most users seem to agree that the AKAI MPC Key 37 is a worthwhile investment, especially for serious producers and musicians.

The AKAI MPC Key 37 synthesizer is a compelling instrument that offers a rich array of features, making it an invaluable addition to any music setup. Its standout qualities, such as its standalone feature, make it an alluring prospect for industry professionals and aspiring producers alike. A test drive of this music production powerhouse would be highly recommended.


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