Ibanez’s High-End RG8870 Demo

Delving deep into the realm of electric guitars, we uncover a fascinating gem, in the form of Ibanez’s brand new addition, the RG8870. Recently demoed by renowned musician Simon Eichinger and on full streaming display, this guitar is no ordinary instrumental contraption. Embellished with an array of world-class features, the RG8870 illustrates the manufacturer’s dedication to unprecedented craftsmanship and superior performance.

Plentiful features embellish this offering from Ibanez, each meticulously crafted to contribute to an unrivaled musical experience. Among them include:


– A superior-quality Alder body, designed to provide the sturdiest of platforms and produce superb sound quality.
– An AAA Flamed Maple top that not only contributes to its aesthetic allure but also adds to the instrument’s acoustic resonance.
– An RG j.custom Super Wizard AS 5-pc Maple/Wenge neck that facilitates excellent playability and gives a distinct tonal character.
– A Macassar Ebony fretboard that allows for articulate notes along with 24 frets providing an extended range for soloing.

Powering the RG8870’s sound is its advanced pickup configuration. A Lo-Pro Edge bridge gears up high stability for aggressive playing styles. Speaking of pickups, the RG8870 houses a trio of DiMarzio brand pickups. The PAF 36th Anniversary in the neck position, the True Velvet in the middle, and the almighty Tone Zone in the bridge position converge to deliver a rich palette of tonal possibilities. These pickups provide an extensive array of tones that suit different playing styles – from clean, crunch to high-gain saturation.

Shifting our focus to the pros and cons, the RG8870 emerges with a strong array of positive features. However, some elements could cause potential users to reconsider their investment.


– Premium-grade materials such as Alder body and Maple top ensure long-lasting performance.
– Diverse range of tonal options courtesy of the DiMarzio pickups.
– Exceptional playability – a hallmark of the RG j.custom Super Wizard neck.
– A robust Lo-Pro Edge bridge offers stability and supports tremolo usage.


– Price: The RG8870 commands a steep $3,299.99 price tag, which may not be within everyone’s budget.
– The high-end features and alluring sounds produced by the RG8870 may not be necessary for beginner guitarists.

Upon unveiling this musical masterpiece, Ibanez has indeed reiterated its commitment to superior craftsmanship and unparalleled performance. The RG8870 is undoubtedly a testament to their devotion to creating instruments that offer high-quality sound, mesmerizing tonal possibilities, and seamless playability. Its price indicates it is a premium product, ideal for intermediate or advanced players who appreciate quality and aren’t hesitant to make a significant investment in their passion.

For the inspired and dedicated musician, the Ibanez RG8870 offers a stepping stone towards a fresh, individual sound. Its polished aesthetics, the diverse palette of tones, and overall build quality invite the curious musician into a world of exciting new musical possibilities.


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