IK Multimedia just unveil the AXE I/O ONE interface

IK Multimedia has just announced the release of their latest audio interface, the AXE I/O ONE, which has been designed specifically for guitar and bass players. This new device offers a similar feature set to the company’s larger AXE I/O devices, but in a more compact and affordable package. One of the key features of the AXE I/O ONE is the JFET input stage that delivers a warm valve-like tone. Additionally, the interface also includes IK Multimedia’s Z-TONE technology, which allows users to adjust the device’s input impedance to provide the best match for their instrument pickups, catering to both active and passive pickups with a dedicated top panel switch.

The AXE I/O ONE accepts microphone signals through a three-pin XLR, and is capable of delivering phantom power, making it possible to capture vocals and acoustic instruments. For guitar players, a quarter-inch TS Amp Out socket is provided, which can be used to connect directly to a guitar amplifier for monitoring or re-amping purposes. The headphone output on the front panel of the device is also a quarter-inch TRS socket.

The top panel of the interface features a range of controls for various parameters, including input gain, the Z-TONE variable impedance, headphone volume, and master output level. The AXE I/O ONE also facilitates latency-free monitoring during recording, allowing users to blend between their DAW output and interface input signals using a dial. The MIDI connectivity is provided by a pair of five-pin DIN sockets, which enables the interface to communicate with floor controllers or the company’s iRig Stomp I/O device. Additionally, the device operates using bus power, which eliminates the need for a separate power supply.

Apart from the physical controls, the AXE I/O ONE comes with a Control Panel software application that provides control over all of its key parameters, as well as allowing users to configure input and output routing. There is also a Controller tab that provides access to the functionality of connected expression pedals and footswitches. These can be assigned with the MIDI channels and CC numbers needed to control any software or connected equipment. The software package bundled with the AXE I/O ONE includes AmpliTube 5 SE and TONEX SE.

In conclusion, the AXE I/O ONE is an affordable and portable solution for guitar and bass players who require a high-quality audio interface. With the JFET input stage and Z-TONE technology, the device promises to deliver a warm, valve-like tone that will satisfy even the most discerning musicians. The inclusion of microphone inputs and phantom power makes it a versatile solution for recording vocals and acoustic instruments, while the Amp Out socket and software package provide ample options for monitoring and tone modeling. Overall, the AXE I/O ONE is a great addition to the IK Multimedia product line and an excellent choice for guitar and bass players who require a high-quality audio interface that won’t break the bank.

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