IK MULTIMEDIA’s New Release – MESA/BOOGIE Reference Signature Collection

IK Multimedia has been in the front line crafting world-class music equipment for years, and they never stop outshining their previous masterpieces. The recent release of their MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection for TONEX has only cemented their position in the industry.

With 70 thrilling new Tone Models and five iconic amplifiers, IK Multimedia has made a significant impact on the music industry. Among these iconic amplifiers is an exact replica of Carlos Santana’s original “Budokan” Mark I. This is evidence that the company is committed to serving a broad spectrum of users, from newbie guitarists to professional musicians who want to replicate the tone quality of legendary artists.

Under the careful guidance of MESA’s legendary “Tone Boy” Doug West, who has been their in-house tone guru for over 40 years, all 5 amps were prepared and adjusted to hit their sweet spots in a variety of styles. The entire process was done at a world-class studio in Northern California, utilizing IK’s Advanced AI Machine Modeling technology to ensure accurate and responsive tone reproduction.

The company’s meticulous capture of each detail, coupled with Doug West’s fine-tuning, translates into an unparalleled product that IK Multimedia is proud to present. The end result is an explosion of electrifying tones, which makes this collection essential for any serious guitarist seeking to upgrade or diversify their tonal palette.


– 70 Tone Models of 4 reference amps and one limited-edition King Snake amp: 46 with cab and 24 without.
– The collection includes two different MESA/Boogie reference cabs: a 4×12 Slope and a 1×12 Widebody Extension.
– All Tone Models have been personally fine-tuned by MESA’s own Doug West and ex-Artist Relations Manager and now Recording Engineer Sean Beresford, hitting multiple sweet spots.
– Recorded at a world-class studio with perfect acoustics and gear.
– Creation with cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling technology with advanced training.


– The collection comes with a wide variety of Tone Models, providing a wide range of tonal options.
– All Tone Models and amps were fine-tuned by MESA’s own Doug West, ensuring the more excellent quality.
– The use of advanced AI Machine Modeling technology ensures accurate tone reproduction.
– Compatibility with all TONEX versions, making it a flexible option for various users.


– With a price tag of $99.99, it might not be within budget for beginning musicians.
– The complexity and vast feature set could potentially make it challenging to use for beginners.

Amazon Customer Reviews

From the reviews, customers seem thrilled about the MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection. They rave about the excellent tonal quality that the collection introduces to their music setup.

However, some beginners express their struggle in navigating the vast set of advanced features, although they admit that it contributes to their musical growth and development.

IK Multimedia’s MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection for TONEX is a worthwhile investment for any serious musician. Despite a few complexities in navigating the versatile features, the value derived from the excellent tonal quality trumps it all.


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