IK Multimedia’s Newly Announced TONEX ONE

IK Multimedia has recently announced the release of their innovative new product, TONEX ONE, a budget-friendly pedal that employs AI Machine Modeling technology. This cutting-edge device seeks to deliver hyper-realistic amp and effects tones, setting a new bar for the world of pedals.

As an ultra-compact device, TONEX ONE provides hyper-realistic modeled amps, cabs, and stomps from an abundance of choices. It bears three playable slots that are effortlessly interchangeable on the fly with any of the 20 Tone Model presets in its active memory. Breath-taking possibilities emerge especially when multiple units are incorporated into a single pedalboard.

Users can easily transfer new Tone Models from their library, ToneNET (IK’s tone-sharing platform), or their gear that has been captured using the included TONEX software via USB-C. This versatile machine can function as an all-in-one player, modeler, and librarian, providing maximum convenience and flexibility.

Key Features..
  • Hyper-realistic AI Machine Modeled amps, cabs, and stomps..
  • Compact and user-friendly design with easy access to all major controls on stage..
  • Customizable LED colors for easy operation of stacked multiple units or stereo rigs..
  • Onboard studio-grade EQ, compressor, reverb, noise gate, and smart tuner..
  • Capability of storing up to 20 presets with over 200 Premium Tone Models included..
  • Access to the 22,000+ FREE Tone Models from ToneNET..
  • Two Performance Modes Stomp and Dual presets..
  • TRS output suitable for stereo, dual mono, or headphones..
  • USB-C connection for loading Tone Models and computer recording..
  • Includes the TONEX SE all-in-one player, modeler, and librarian, and AmpliTube 5SE software..
  • Small yet sturdy device packed with huge sound and incredible responsiveness..
  • Infinite variety of tones with options to store up to 20 presets and download user Tone Models from ToneNET..
  • Easily transportable and ideal for live performances or studio recordings..
  • Doubles as an USB-C audio interface for recording electric guitar or bass on a Mac/PC..
  • Provides creative freedom to create a perfect travel rig or enhance an existing pedalboard..
  • Some may find the process of transferring new Tone Models from a computer somewhat complex..
  • Some users might find the device pricey considering it is a pedal..
Customer Reviews from Amazon..

Customers on Amazon have conveyed high levels of satisfaction with TONEX ONE. Several users were chiefly impressed by its compact design and the massive range of tones the device is capable of achieving.

One reviewer noted the clean and intuitive design of the device. Its sleek and compact design was a big hit with many users who appreciated how little space it took up on their pedalboard. Other users highly praised its sound quality and versatility, with one user stating, “It’s like having an infinite collection of high-end amps and pedals at your toes.”

There was also a lot of appreciation for the TONEX SE software that comes with the device, which enables users to access more tones from the manufacturer’s shared library.

In summary, IK Multimedia’s TONE X ONE has been highly acclaimed by most users for its innovative design, a vast array of tones, and overall performance. While some users cite the price and the complexity of tone transferring as potential drawbacks, the general consensus seems to be that it represents excellent value for money given its myriad of features and capabilities. The device is now available for pre-order at $/€179.99, with units shipping in mid-May.

For more information, check out https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/tonexone/

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