Izotope Successfully Rejuvenates Their Trash Distortion Plugin

Reemerging from near oblivion after approximately two decades, iZotope has reintroduced the distinctive distortion plugin, Trash. This redefined version has been crafted in light of the increasing sophistication of users who prefer an interactive and engaging audio experience.

Harnessing the power of dual engines, Trash’s main feature is its simple yet appealing interface. The unit’s two noteworthy modules, Trash and Convolve, open up avenues for a plethora of auditory exploits. The Trash module is responsible for over 60 distinct types of distortions, ranging from discreet saturation to pronounced sonic mutations. Engulf your sound with a myriad of distortion variants designed to take you on a journey of sonic adventure.

The plugin accommodates another module known as Convolve, offering greater flexibility for transforming your sound. Accompanying this module are its 600+ creative impulse responses that allow unprecedented control over your sound. Everything from the smallest resonance of tin cans to ethereal reversed reverbs and underwater recordings, the Convolve module offers a multitude of options.

What’s intriguing about the latest rendition of Trash is the incorporation of an intuitive XY pad within both its modules. This tool helps users blend between four distortion algorithms or four impulse responses. This revolutionary feature propels the plugin into unexplored territories of aural chaos, allowing users to extract a diverse range of sounds.

Trash is priced at $79, offering outstanding value for money. It is an indispensable tool for audio enthusiasts looking to elevate their sound to the next level.

Feature list

– Trash module offering over 60 distortion types
– An intuitive XY pad for blending between four distortion algorithms or impulse responses
– Convolve module with over 600 creative impulse responses
– Support for custom Impulse Response Loader
– Multiband customization
– An envelope follower for uncomplicated modulation
– Randomize feature for spontaneous selection of presets and sounds
– Compatibility with Logic Pro for iPad
– Free Trash Lite mode


– Comprehensive distortion options
– Versatile impulse responses
– XY pad for blending, adding creative possibilities
– Envelope follower adding motion to your sound
– Randomize feature sparking inspiration
– Compatible with Logic Pro for iPad, giving increased flexibility
– Available Trash Lite mode for beginners


– Pricing may be steep for some users
– Necessitates a learning curve for first-time users
– Limited variety in the Lite version

With all the pros and minor cons considered, Trash proves to be an innovative, comprehensive, and multipurpose plugin any sound enthusiast should check out. It offers robust functionality, a user-friendly interface, and transformative features backed by iZotope’s mark of quality and innovation. The solid Amazon customer reviews resonate with the value and quality offered by Trash, signifying its steadfast reputation and popularity among audio aficionados.


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