J. Rockett Successfully Emulates the “Best Compressor Ever” with New Airchild Six Sixty

The world of music is graced by the presence of the Airchild Six Sixty Compressor, a product of the reputable J. Rockett. This new innovation finds its foundation in the historic 660 studio compressor, a force that has influenced music production over time. This amplifier takes homage to a level of precise replication and modern improvement without stepping on the high price point toes of the original model.

Transcending its predecessors, the Airchild Six Sixty Compressor delivers the same tonal superiority with a more embellished effect. Unlike many compressors that tend to overwhelm the whole tonal spectrum, this model is designed to zero in on the enhancement of harmonic richness and equalize the transients. At a reasonable price, you get a compressor that maintains your signal integrity while delivering top-notch sound outputs.

The musical field is filled with typical guitar compressors, particularly in the country music genre. These iconic sounds are overly replicated to a point of monotony. However, J. Rockett’s Airchild Six Sixty Compressor offers a refreshing twist to this scene. The Airchild Six Sixty presents a unique, sleek design intended to take you out of the congestion of clones crowding the compressor market. This audacious step to deviate from the norm presents you with an opportunity to access a sound compressor that differentiates itself in function and design.


• Modeled after the iconic 660 Studio compressor
• Avoids signal crushing
• Enhances harmonic richness
• Effectively evens out transients


• Unique design – Avoids the monotony of clone compressors in the market
• High-quality sound output – Achieved by enhancing harmonic richness and evening out transients
• Great price – Compared to the original 660 compressors, this model delivers premium service without a hefty price tag


• Limited versatility – As much as the compressor deviates from the clone crowd, it still borrows heavily from the 660 compressor series, limiting its versatility.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Review 1: The Airchild Six Sixty Compressor is simply a game-changer. It brings a refreshing twist to my country music production offering unique and rich tones. Beyond its functional superiority, its price is quite reasonable, considering the hefty price tags of similar quality compressors.

Review 2: I often struggled with my old compressors either crushing my signals or creating uneven transients. But since I got the Airchild Six Sixty, it’s been smooth sailing – it balances everything out perfectly. I am impressed with this product.

Review 3: Even though I appreciate this compressor’s top-notch sound outputs and fair price, I am somewhat limited by its versatility. But otherwise, it’s a product I would recommend to any music producer seeking a non-clone compressor.

J. Rockett has been at the forefront of delivering quality musical equipment. The Airchild Six Sixty Compressor doesn’t fall short of this quality assurance, as it boasts a unique design that separates it from competing compressors. For musical enthusiasts seeking a careful blend of originality and modern innovation, this product is for you! You can get it here for $229. Let your music speak quality with the Airchild Six Sixty compressor.


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