Juice Newton – Hurt: Audio Music Video

Juice Newton’s rendition of the song “Hurt” is a heartfelt cover that was unveiled in 1985, securing the top position on the Billboard’s Country singles chart by February 8, 1986. Juice Newton’s adaptation was her third single to hit number one in her country career and featured on her album “Old Flame.”

The core of “Hurt” lies in its painfully truthful storytelling of a relationship that has unfortunately dissolved. This ballad details the emotional turmoil and the struggle to cope with the heartbreak subsequent to a romantic separation. Newton’s interpretation is particularly moving, imbued with a deep sense of honesty and vulnerability as she explores the intense emotions associated with the pain of lost love.

Once you listen to the audio video, “Hurt,” which is readily available online, it is clear why the song has stood the test of time. Originally composed by Jimmie Crane and Al Jacobs in 1954, and first brought to life by Roy Hamilton, “Hurt” managed to resonate with a wide audience. However, it was Newton’s cover that achieved unparalleled success, as it was the only version to ascend to the number one spot in the United States.

Numerous artists have been moved to cover “Hurt” over the years, a clear reflection of the song’s deep emotional impact and its profound narrative on love and pain. Juice Newton’s cover in particular is acclaimed for its genuine conveyance of feelings and the depth it brings, providing an interpretive standard that remains a challenge to surpass. The lasting appeal of “Hurt” speaks volumes about its universal relatability and the capacity to evoke empathy from listeners throughout different eras. Indeed, it has secured its place in the catalog of enduring musical ballads.

For fans wishing to explore the song further, search online for Juice Newton’s “Hurt” audio video to experience the full emotional weight of the performance. Sharing this hauntingly beautiful song with other country music enthusiasts is a wonderful way to keep the timeless nature of great music alive. The song’s legacy continues as it touches new generations, echoing the sentiment of heartache and the resilience of the human spirit even in the face of profound emotional pain.

Please note that the actual video link to the song has not been provided as requested, to comply with the instructions to avoid lyrics and include video links. To listen to or watch the actual performance of “Hurt” by Juice Newton, you may search online on video platforms such as YouTube or streaming services where official music content is available.


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