KEMPER Introduces Profiler in Pedal Size

Kemper Profiler Player

With a legacy of releasing high-quality, top-performing products, pedal design Kemper has once again set the bar high with the introduction of their latest game-changer – the Kemper Profiler Player. Small enough to take on the road, yet powerful enough to give you the unmatched arsenal of diverse Kemper amp tones, selected FX settings, impulse response (IR) loading, and switching capabilities. Whether you’re practicing at home, recording in the studio, rehearsing with your band, or performing live on stage, the Kemper Profiler Player is the only gear you need.


The Kemper Profiler Player boasts features that set it apart from other amplifiers and guitar processors in the market. Its expansive repertoire includes the full range of Kemper amp tones, all of which are available in Kemper’s other products. It levels up the playing field by allowing IR loading and switching capabilities, transforming it into a comprehensive and versatile touring entity.

Arguably its most revolutionary feature, though, is its compatibility with big Profilers’ rigs, which can be managed remotely via the Rig Manager app. This application can be connected to the Player through a USB or WLAN on your selected platform. It empowers you to customize anything and everything to your heart’s content. Furthermore, the Profiler Player can be converted into a combo amp by connecting one or two Kemper Power Kabinets.

Exclusive Effects and Modules

The Kemper Profiler Player offers a selection of fine-tuned effects, including some of the highest quality effects known to the music industry. It garners attention with its inclusion of algorithms, which are rarely seen in regular guitar processors. With authentic rotating speakers and studio-grade reverbs, you have access to incredible rooms, expansive halls, lush, pad-like ambiances, and much more.

The Player’s signal chain consists of four effect modules, in addition to the standard amplifier stack. A unique aspect of this product is the freedom to place up to two effects “pre” amp stack, and another two “post” amp.

FX Presets

Generously equipped with 136 different FX settings from the legendary Kemper Profiler FX, the Player is ready to cover a wide spectrum of FX Preferences. The entire package holds over 444 FX presets in total, ensuring you a fascinating variety of sound.


– Full arsenal of Kemper amp tones.
– Compatibility with big Profilers’ rigs.
– Remote access for customization via the Rig Manager app.
– The potential to convert into a combo amp when connected to a Kemper Power Kabinet.


– The cost of $698 may be steep for some.
– Some users might find maneuvering through all the settings a bit overwhelming due to the extensive choices.

The Kemper Profiler Player is packed with a multitude of features that make it a versatile tool for professionals and beginners alike. Despite its slightly hefty price tag, if you’re passionate about crafting and refining your sound, the plentiful benefits it offers make it worth the investment. Kemper has yet again marked its position in the industry with this remarkable product. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals