Laney Partners with Devin Townsend to Create a 2,600 Watt Cab

In a world where sheer amplification prowess incredibly matters in the music industry, Laney has made a name for itself as a promising contender. Blow out your eardrums with hours of clean, impressively loud mixes with Laney’s LFR-412; this behemoth puts a daunting 2,600 watts at your disposal, ensuring that you can make your audio presence felt no matter the venue or occasion. For artists and music enthusiasts, this product is a promising addition to your audio arsenal, especially for those longing for that incredible volume punch.

Laney, in collaboration with legendary music virtuoso, Devin Townsend, brings forth the LFR-412, a 4×12 powered cabinet equipped with the laudable LA·IR – Laney Advance Impulse Response technology. Through this sophisticated system, LFR-412 employs 56bit FIR filters to deliver striking cabinet emulation designed to awe audiences. As a cherry on top, the LFR-412 even comes preloaded with two Impulse Responses custom designed and utilized by Townsend himself.

For power users seeking greater control, LFR-412 offers USB connectivity, allowing players to upload and use their own Impulse Responses. This feature sweetens the deal by offering greater configurability and opens up countless possibilities to tweak your sound output, seamlessly integrating with your digital rig and freeing up much-needed processing power.

The product further enhances the user experience with the ability to run dual Impulse Responses simultaneously, allowing for more customization. You can even choose where your Impulse Responses go, maximizing your sound potential and enabling you to create truly personalized and electrifying audio performances.

The LFR-412 employs a High Power Asymmetric Class-D Power Amplifier coupled with four HH BLACK SERIES Professional woofers, and a 1″ LaVoce DF10 Horn, ensuring robust sound output and reliability. Volume, High-Frequency Trim, Speaker and DI out Emulation Switch, Ground lift, and Light switch controls give you precision management of your soundscape. Balanced Male XLR DI Out and a Balanced Male XLR Link Out are also provided which signal Laney’s intentions to cater to professional audio setups.

Managing inputs efficiently is an important part of any premium audio device and LFR-412 scores high in this regard. It comes equipped with a Balanced Female XLR/Jack Combi Input and a 3.5mm Stereo Aux In, giving users ample options to input various audio sources efficiently.

Now, let’s break down LFR-412 in a quick and easy-to-digest manner.


– 2,600-watt power output
– 4×12 powered cabinet built in collaboration with Devin Townsend
– LA·IR – Laney Advance Impulse Response technology utilizing 56bit FIR filters
– Comes with two Devin Townsend-curated Impulse Responses
– USB connectivity for custom Impulse Responses
– Dual Impulse Responses functionality
– High Power Asymmetric Class-D Power Amplifier
– Four HH BLACK SERIES Professional woofers and a 1″ LaVoce DF10 Horn
– Volume, HF Trim, Speaker, and DI out Emulation Switch, Ground lift, Light switch controls
– Balanced Male XLR DI Out and Balanced Male XLR Link Out
– Balanced Female XLR/Jack Combi Input and 3.5mm Stereo Aux In


– Powerful 2,600-watt sound output
– Versatility and customization of sound with Dual Impulse Responses
– Quality sound amplification with Class-D Power Amplifier
– USB Connectivity for added customization
– Wide array of control options for precision audio management


– Might be pricier than your average amp
– Could be excessive for small to medium venues
– Needs careful handling due to high power output

The Laney LFR-412 with a price tag of $1,799 might be a bit steep for some but considering the feature-packed powerhouse that you get in return, this is an investment worth making for any serious artist or audio enthusiast. Push your creativity and your audio output, and let Laney bring you the volume you’ve always dreamed of.

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