Latest D Squared wireless system offers encryption and analogue back-compatibility

The latest digital wireless mic system from Lectrosonics, D Squared, offers flexible encryption options, 24-bit/48kHz audio, two-way IR sync and and low-latency performance in a compact package. The system comprises the four-channel, half-rack DSQD receiver (with the option of Dante and analogue outputs) and the DBu digital belt‑pack and DHu digital handheld transmitters, each of which operate at either 25 or 50 mW using pairs of AA batteries. There are three levels of AES‑256‑CTR encryption and the transmitters can operate over a tuning range from 470-614 MHz, with input gain adjustable over a 45dB range.

As well as talking to Lectrosonics’ existing digital transmitters, including the DB, DCHT and M2T series, the DSQD is also backwards-compatible with the company’s hybrid analogue/digital transmitters of recent years (including SM, SSM, HM and HH-series units), allowing existing customers to mix and match their older transmitters with the new system. Latency is kept low at 1.4ms for digital transmitters and under 2.9ms when using older hybrids.

Rackmounting hardware ships with each DSQD unit to allow pairs of receivers to be racked together if required, and Ethernet and USB ports allow connection of the receiver to Lectrosonics’ Wireless Designer software for computer-based frequency planning.

The DSQD retails for £4794 or $4990 US.
the DBu and DHu for £1558.80 or $1599 US each.
Systems should be available by the time you read this. Contact Raycom ( for system availability in the UK.
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