This attractive pair are certainly fixtures at every country music event, but how much do you really know about Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer Bryan? Build up your knowledge with a little Q&A session below!

Q: Where did Luke Bryan and Caroline first meet while in college?
A: The pair met at a local bar called Dingus Magee’s in the fall of 1998, he was a senior and she was a freshman at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. They got married on December 8, 2006 after years of on-and-off dating.

Q: What feature first attracted Luke to Caroline?
A: Her bright blue eyes.

Q: What does birthday tradition does Caroline keep up for Luke?
A: Surprising him with a custom cake— usually touting a humorous twist.

Q: Which track is Luke Bryan’s first love song for his wife?
A: “To the Moon and Back”

Q: Where will you never find Caroline?
A: On a hunting trip with Luke. She would much rather go fishing…

Q: How many biological children do Luke and Caroline have?
A: Two, Thomas Boyer Bryan “Bo” and Tatum Christopher Bryan “Tate.”

Q: Which Luke Bryan song was inspired by Caroline?
A: “Sorority Girl,” she’s an alumna of Alpha Delta Pi.

Q: What valuable trait does Caroline possess that helps Luke be successful?
A: A level-headed and stable nature.

Q: Why wasn’t Luke the type of guy Caroline would normally date?
A: He was a singer. She usually went for athletes.

Q: Despite their fame, where do Luke and Caroline still go out on dates?
A: The local movie theater.

Q: What is the couple’s love song?
A: The pair adopted Lenny Kravitz’s “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” as their song back in college.

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