Musik Hack’s Master Plan: A Powerful All-In-One Mastering Plug-In

Musik Hack is a collaboration between Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Stan Greene and composer and plug-in developer Samuel Fischmann. The duo has recently released their first product, a mastering plug-in called Master Plan. The plug-in promises to deliver professional-sounding results within minutes and features a simple GUI. Master Plan is based around a transparent loudness processor, with the amount of limiting applied defined by a central Loud parameter. The plug-in also features Low and High controls that provide two bands of equalization, with the first offering a range of ±6dB and the second allowing ±8dB of adjustment. Users have further tonal control through a selection of buttons, such as the Clean control that removes any “muddy” low-frequency content and the Calm button that combats high-frequency buildup.

The Master Plan plug-in also allows users to introduce saturation through its Tape and Thick buttons that offer a fixed amount of tape emulation and analogue-inspired saturation, respectively. Additionally, the Multi button engages a multi-band compressor, with users able to set the amount of gain reduction applied across fixed low, mid, and high bands using three level sliders. The behavior of the compression can be modified using a Smooth button alongside the multi-band section, which is intended to “gently tame” dynamic signals.

Completing the processing chain is a single Wide parameter that utilizes phase-coherent stereo depth processing to provide users with some control over the perceived width of their signal. The plug-in also features a number of helpful monitoring control facilities, such as mono summing and dim functions, as well as emulations of NS10 monitors and mobile playback devices. Finally, the bottom of the GUI offers a row of numerical meters that display the resulting loudness values in both short-term and integrated LUFS readings, along with peak and crest factor readouts.

Overall, Master Plan by Musik Hack is a powerful all-in-one mastering plug-in that promises to deliver professional-sounding results within minutes. Its transparent loudness processor and multi-band compressor allow for precise control over the sound, while its tape emulation and analogue-inspired saturation add warmth and character. The plug-in’s helpful monitoring control facilities and numerical meters also make it easy for users to monitor and adjust their sound. With its simple GUI and comprehensive feature set, Master Plan is a must-have for any mastering engineer or producer looking to achieve a polished and professional sound.


Master Plan is supported on Mac and Windows platforms, and is available in VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

Master Plan is available now, with yearly and permanent licences currently (30 March 2023) being offered for reduced introductory prices. a one-year licence is available for $50 (usually $75), and a permanent costs $125 (usually $175).

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