Nembrini Introduces NA501 Chorus Echo Plugin

In the realm of audio plugins, innovation is constantly being sought-after. Nembrini Audio’s latest offering, the NA501 Chorus Echo Plugin, emerges as an exceptional development in this sector. This plugin stands as a triumphant nod to the legendary Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo’s vintage essence, moving beyond mere emulation and introducing enhanced control, flexibility and a seamless fit into modern digital workstations.

The Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo debuted in 1982 and made a lasting impact on the audio industry. It’s considered the pinnacle achievement of Roland’s electro-mechanical effects processors. The unique aspect of the RE-501 was a specially designed tape recorder, which produced intricately crafted delay effects or “echoes”, a classic spring reverb and a chorus effect. Notably, its design facilitated a longer and smoother movement of the tape, thus creating longer and cleaner echo sounds. With its vivid sound character, the RE-501 has been highly sought after, having been a part of creating the deep echoes in Bob Marley’s music or bringing about pitch-shifting effects in Radiohead’s tunes.

The NA501 Chorus Echo takes the game forward by replicating the hallmark character of the Roland RE-501, while introducing contemporary workability. It seamlessly captures the complex nuances of mechanically and electronically interacting components within RE-501, truly putting forth an innovative digital re-interpretation of the revered echo machine.


1. Recreates the Iconic Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo:_ The Plugin is meticulously modelled on the RE-501, recapturing its legendary analog warmth, spring reverb, tape delay and Lush BBD chorus.

2. Modern Functionality and Control:_ Nembrini Audio takes the original design a step further by adding enhanced control with modern functionality, making it ideal for integration into contemporary digital workstations.

3. Rich Analog Textures:_ The plugin is excellent for imbibing rich analog textures across diverse music genres. The extended creative controls render it easy for users to craft echoes that recede in the impression, rather than just volume.

At the moment, Nembrini Audio has an introductory offer for the NA501 Chorus Echo Plugin until 31st January 2024. The desktop version is priced at an introductory offer of $29.99, set to rise to $99 post the promotional period. Meanwhile, the iOS version is being offered at $7.99, with the price ascending to $14.99 after the promotion ends. It is noteworthy that the NA 501 Chorus Echo is compatible with PC, Mac and iOS (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and AUv3), requiring a FREE iLOK account for use.


– Authentic replication of the legendary Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo
– Enhanced control with modern functionality
– Compatibility with multiple platforms
– Affordable introductory price
– Offers rich analog textures


– The promotional offer may not last much longer, and the price may be higher for some after the promotion ends.
– Requires a free iLOK account to operate

The NA501 Chorus Echo Plugin is a commendable blend of vintage charm with modern ease. Nembrini Audio has successfully created a plugin that not only appeals to those seeking the classic sound of the Roland RE-501 but also to those pursuing a versatile tool tailored to modern digital environments. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals