Omnitech-436C compressor plug-in by Black Rooster Audio

Black Rooster Audio has unveiled its latest release, the Omnitech-436C plugin, which aims to replicate the beloved Altec 436C Vari-Mu valve compressor originally introduced in the 1950s. This new offering combines the best features of the original hardware while incorporating modern functions to enhance its versatility.

The Omnitech-436C plugin boasts a flawless emulation of the Altec 436C compressor, providing users with an authentic vintage sound. The graphical user interface (GUI) features intuitive controls, making it easy for users to navigate and operate the plugin. On the left side of the GUI, the input and threshold levels can be adjusted using dedicated knobs. Additionally, two toggle switches allow users to select between compressor or limiter operation, as well as dual mono or stereo link modes.

To fine-tune the compression effect, a set of dials on the right-hand side of the GUI offers control over the attack, release, and make-up gain parameters. This enables users to shape the dynamics of their audio signals with precision. Furthermore, a wet/dry mix control is available, allowing for effortless parallel compression and blending of the processed and dry signals.

One notable enhancement found in the Omnitech-436C plugin is the inclusion of additional side-chain filters. The SC High and SC Low parameters provide high-pass and low-pass filters, respectively, for shaping the side-chain signal. These filters enable users to control which frequency ranges are affected by the compression, offering greater flexibility and precision in sculpting the audio dynamics. The SC Listen switch allows users to audition the side-chain signal, ensuring that the compression settings are accurately dialed in.

Black Rooster Audio emphasizes that the Omnitech-436C plugin faithfully replicates the warm and musical characteristics associated with vintage valve designs. It is a versatile processor suitable for individual instruments and sources, as well as for applying compression or limiting across an entire mix. Whether it’s adding character to vocals, tightening up drums, or gluing together a mix, the Omnitech-436C plugin promises to deliver exceptional results.

With its meticulous modeling and attention to detail, the Omnitech-436C plugin offers a compelling solution for musicians, producers, and engineers seeking the distinctive sound and functionality of the classic Altec 436C Vari-Mu compressor. By combining the best elements of the original hardware with modern enhancements like additional side-chain filters, dual mono/stereo linking, and a new limiting mode, Black Rooster Audio has created a valuable tool for achieving professional-level compression and dynamics processing in the digital realm.


Omnitech-436C is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or above, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and higher. VST, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals