Onur Ataman Demonstrates New AZ2204N by Ibanez

Ibanez has recently unveiled their latest offering to the world of electric guitars, the AZ2204NW, a model that showcases not only the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, but also their dedication to providing guitars that offer a well-rounded musical experience.

The first impression of the AZ2204NW is that of a guitar that looks as magnificent as it sounds. The electric beast is available in a variety of finishes, namely Antique White Blonde, Black, Dark Tide, Pastel Pink, Mint Green, and Prussian Blue. Each finish caters to a different aesthetic preference, ensuring that there is something for every guitar enthusiast. This guitars’ price is at $1,999.99.

The brilliance of this 24 fret maestro does not stop at its looks, rather, it goes way beyond. The AZ2204NW shines in its technical specifications, introducing an AZ Oval C S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple bolt-on neck. The choice of a Rosewood fretboard on the neck further enhances the tonal possibilities of this guitar. This combination strikes the perfect balance between strength and comfort as it serves to produce a more rounded tone.

Another notable feature on the AZ2204NW is the inclusion of a Gotoh T1702B bridge, a design that maintains equipment stability while ensuring efficient transmission of vibration. This unique design promises to deliver top-notch tonal clarity and sustain, helping players articulate each note with precision.

As for the heart and soul of any electric guitar, the pickups, the AZ2204NW does not disappoint either. It has a passive Seymour Duncan Fortuna in the bridge, middle, and neck positions. This ensures a wide tonal range and the ability to achieve both clear and dirty sounds, enhancing its versatility.

Feature List:

1. AZ Oval C S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple bolt-on neck
2. Rosewood fretboard with 24 frets
3. Alder body
4. Gotoh T1702B bridge
5. Passive Seymour Duncan Fortuna in the bridge, middle, and neck positions
6. Availability in Antique White Blonde, Black, Dark Tide, Pastel Pink, Mint Green, and Prussian Blue finishes.
2. Stable pricing at $1,999.99


1. Wide tonal range due to Seymour Duncan Fortuna pickups
2. Choice of finishes to cater to different aesthetic preferences
3. Optimized for playability and comfort
4. Offers clear and dirty sounds.
5. Quality craftsmanship and innovative design


1. Higher price might not be affordable by all.

Customer Reviews:

The AZ2204NW has been appreciated by customers for its ability to deliver powerful, diverse sound. Onur Ataman, who did a demo for Ibanez, was especially fond of the tonality and versatility the guitar offered. Other customers have applauded the comfort and playability of the AZ Oval C neck, with many mentioning its ability to play seamlessly between genres.

There has also been high praise for the variety of finishes, with the Antique White Blonde finish, in particular, being a resounding hit among enthusiasts. Its price, however, has seen a bit of criticism from customers, who feel it might be too high to be accessible to all. However, the consensus seems to be that those who do invest in the AZ2204NW are unlikely to regret their choice.


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