Allen & Heath QU-32C Chrome Edition Compact Digital Mixer, 38 In/28 Out – Black

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The Allen & Heath’s Qu-32C Chrome Edition is an innovative and feature-filled digital mixer that revolutionizes your professional audio mixing experience. This cutting-edge product presents an extraordinary blend of state-of-the-art design, unrivaled functionality, and utmost convenience to provide the high-quality sound output you need. Let’s delve deeply into the outstanding features, pros, and potential cons of this incredible device.

Starting with its responsive 5-inch touchscreen, the Qu-32C Chrome boasts an accessible and intuitive control panel that allows for smooth navigation. The screen, flaunting a high resolution of 800 x 480 and a vibrant display of 16 million colors, adds more appeal to the overall user experience.

Moreover, the Qu-32C Chrome Edition also features 33 motorized ALPS faders, which enable immediate access to all channels and masters in a compact space. This feature even has a unique dedicated master fader that dynamically follows the mix selection.

In terms of audio performance, the device shines with its AnalogiQ recallable preamps. These preamps total to 32, all furnished with zero crossing detection and an advanced pad-less 1dB step gain stage. Such features allow for a sophisticated and precise control over your audio output, ensuring superior audio performance every time.

The Chrome Edition of the Qu-32C puts special emphasis on visibility and tactile control. It carries upgraded, high contrast metallic finish controls that promise ease of use, even in low light situations, enhancing your workflow whether you’re working in a studio, a live concert, or anywhere else.

Drawing inspiration from the GLD and iLive touring systems, this new device encapsulates the elegant and efficient workflow manifested by its predecessors. More than that, the Qu-32C Chrome Edition now comes with added features such as Automatic Mic Mixing, more monitor mixes, and a Spectrogram for feedback hunting, introduced in the new Qu V1.8 Chrome firmware.

Allen & Heath have also developed the Qu-Pad Mixing App for the Qu-32C. This app gives you the freedom to remotely adjust your mixes, giving you more mobility and flexibility. In addition, the device allows for USB audio streaming, which supports high-quality recording and playback from any USB drive or device. A 100-scene recall feature is also present, a fantastic feature for live performances that require various audio settings.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Qu-32C. On the plus side, it offers a host of advanced features and offers an intuitive design with a focus on visibility and tactile control. The product ensures exceptional audio performance and provides tools and features that make digital mixing more accessible and compact than ever before.

On the downside, the device might be slightly intricate to use for those who are new to digital mixers. The plethora of controls, coupled with advanced features might overwhelm novices. Regardless, it remains a profoundly powerful device that can boost one’s audio mixing game to the next level once familiarised.

Allen & Heath’s Qu-32C Chrome Edition does more than just recreate an analog interface; it reshapes the audio mixing landscape by providing a fluid, comfortable, and intuitive experience, irrespective of whether you’re a novice, a digital native, or an old school road warrior. Designed with a natural layout, this mixer truly gives you an effortless hands-on mixing experience, reflecting Allen & Heath’s years of research into ergonomics. The Qu-32C Chrome Edition is indeed a defining piece in the digital mixing world, undeniably being the shape of things to come.

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