Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Set Box Pack – Includes 14” Hi-hats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, with Bonus 18” Crash

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If you’re a drummer performing with aggressive guitarists, MEINL can equip you for the battle with its Classics Custom cymbals. These cymbals are purposefully designed to effortlessly carve a path through the powerful roar of guitars to ensure that the drummer’s beats are clearly heard. Made using B10 bronze alloy, a sturdy blend of 88% copper and 12% tin, these cymbals resound with a vibrant, attention-grabbing punch and offer a wealth of musical tones.

The Classics Custom Dark Bonus pack includes a 14″ dark hi-hat pair, a 16″ dark crash, and a 20″ dark ride. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a FREE 18″ dark crash. The cymbals undergo an exceptional finishing process which imbues them with dusky tones and excellent volume. The result? Cymbals that are dark, complex, and radiate a warm glow of sound while maintaining the renowned clarity and cut that MEINL’s Classics Custom series is known for.

The hi-hats deliver a brilliant attack sprinkled with a creamy, earthy “slosh” and a neat, crisp “chick.” The 16″ dark crash surprises with its prompt punchy response and sustained complexity. The 20” dark ride affords the classic cutting ping with warm overtones and a musical bell that stands out distinctly. The FREE 18” dark crash, ideal as a main crash, offers versatility in its usage. Smash it for a broad sound wall or play on top for a light ride.

With Classics Custom cymbals, you can completely revitalize your kit with a rich texture of sounds. Suitable for diverse music styles, these cymbals can lend their magic to Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, and Studio genres.


1. Set includes 14″ dark hi-hats (pair), 16″ dark crash, and 20″ dark ride.
2. Bonus: FREE 18″ dark crash.
3. B12 Bronze Alloy blend delivers excellent sound and volume.
4. Special dark finishing for unique warm tones.
5. Extra deep hammering for added sound complexity.
6. Perfect for hard-hitting musical styles.
7. Durable dark finish is part of the cymbal-making process.
8. Manufactured in Germany using 100% renewable energy.


1. Designed to cut through heavy guitar sounds.
2. Crafted to deliver energetic drive at loud dynamics.
3. B10 bronze alloy ensures a consistent, punchy sound.
4. Versatile cymbals suitable for multiple genres.
5. Dark finish part of the cymbal, thus lasts a lifetime.
6. Made using environment-friendly practices.


1. May not be suitable for softer genres of music.
2. The dark finish may not appeal to all.

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