Meinl HCS Cymbals Set Pack for Drums – Includes 13″ Hihats, 14″ Crash, Free 10″ Splash, Sticks, Lessons

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The HCS series of cymbals by Meinl are revolutionary tools that provide amateur drummers with an exploratory pathway into the world of professional drumming. Developed by the renowned Meinl cymbals since 1951, HCS cymbals embody the essence of their professional lines. They provide the same expansive sound options that a professional drummer seeks and bring them conveniently into the domain of the budding drummer.

The HCS cymbal set-up is a comprehensive kit that includes HCS 13-inch hi-hat cymbals, an HCS 14-inch crash cymbal, and a free 10-inch HCS splash cymbal. The package also includes a free pair of professional 5A drum sticks from Pro-Mark. This all-in-one set ensures that an aspiring drummer gets a hands-on experience of creating a well-rounded sound.

The Meinl HCS cymbals are leagues ahead of the typical starter cymbals found with most drum sets. Their sturdy build allows for an impressive sound and prolonged usage, making them suitable for beginner and intermediate players. This is a stark contrast from the flimsy prop cymbals that not only produce substandard sound but also dent, bend, or fall apart after a few uses.

Developed with a clean, bright, and crisp tone, the HCS cymbals are made in Germany using the MS63 brass alloy. Their substantial thickness coupled with finely crafted surface grooves and hammer marks, make these cymbals provide a defined sound without any ear-piercing or clangy overtones. The well-formed structure of these cymbals are testimony to Meinl’s extensive experience in cymbal crafting.

Adding to the aesthetic appeal, the surface of the HCS cymbals shimmers and shines under light, further enhancing the look of your drum kit. All cymbals in the HCS line bear the same logo treatment as Meinl’s professional lines, including a small laser engraved logo and serial number.

The HCS line provides a comprehensive range of cymbal types to help you find your unique sound. They cover all essentials in multiple sizes and include effect cymbals that let you expand your sound with variety.

To summarize, the Meinl HCS cymbals are top-quality, German-made entry-level cymbals with a lifespan that guarantees long term value, even for hard hitters. Their crisp, bright tone and musical feel resemble more high-end models. Regardless of your preferred musical style, they fit seamlessly and allow you to express your rhythm in the most succinct manner. As a beginner, you will find yourself appreciating the meticulous attention to detail that this kit brings to your drumming experience. With the Meinl HCS cymbal set, the transition from a hobbyist drummer to a professional is not a distant dream but an achievable reality.

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