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Roland KD-140-BC V-Kick 14-Inch Trigger Bass Drum Pedal with Natural Feel

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Product Description: The Solid, Stylish New 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad

Let there be no mistake about the quality of your music gear. As seasoned drummers will attest, it all starts with the kick pad. Here comes an innovative and stylish addition to the world of percussion instruments – our newly designed 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad.

Wrapped in an impressive new black-chrome shell, our 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad is solid, stylish, and reflective of the cutting-edge technology that has gone into its manufacturing process. With a weight of 33.069 pounds, this product steps forward as a durable entity that is built to last and resist the wear and tear of regular use. Fast-paced beats or soft taps, it’s designed to handle it all.

Features of the 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad

Our V-Kick Trigger Pad carries an enlarged bass drumhead. The benefit of the enlarged drumhead lies in the sound quality. Not only does this contribute to the creation of a deeper, better-rounded sound, but it also mimics the sound quality of an acoustic drum. This gives drummers an unrivaled platform to replicate the acoustic drum sound electronically.

The innovative solid-metal frame of this kick pad asserts a secure and natural feel. Enjoy a seamless drumming experience with this solid frame that minimizes any chance of instability during your practice or performance sessions.

One striking feature of the 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad is its capacity for accurate triggering. It has been designed in such a way to ensure that each hit on the pad is registered, thereby capturing the nuances of your rhythm and providing a stable and consistent performance.

Feel a difference from the very instant your pedal hits this kick pad. The impact and vibrancy replicated by the pad genuinely imitate the feel of a traditional acoustic drum.

Pros and Cons of the 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad


1. The black-chrome shell wrap lends an attractive and modern look to the design.

2. The solid and sturdy metal frame reinforces durability and stability.

3. With its precise triggering, it fully captures your rhythm during practice and performance sessions.

4. Its acoustic-like kick feel will be greatly appreciated by those seeking an enriched, traditional musical experience.

5. The enlarged bass drum head allows for a deeper, more resonant sound, justifying its purpose in producing quality music.


1. Weighing at 33.069 pounds, it may prove to be somewhat heavy for some users.

2. The black-chrome shell wrap, albeit stylish, may not suit the aesthetic preferences of all users.

Undeniably, the 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Pad stands out as a must-have for both aspiring and professional drummers. It contributes significantly towards the creation of quality music and enhances performance. Take your drumming experience to the next level with this aesthetically appealing and functional drum pad. Immerse yourself in the richness and complexity of the sounds it produces, and let your compositions shine through with precision, depth, and dynamism.

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