Tbrand Drum Sticks Set – 5A Maple Wood Pair, Retractable Wire Brushes Pair, Rods Pair – Comes with Portable Storage Bag

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This product is a complete drumsticks kit that seamlessly integrates high-quality craftsmanship with functionality, making it a perfect choice for both novice and experienced drummers. The kit boasts of its diverse collection of sticks, all crafted from solid maple, renowned for its durability and reliable sturdiness, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan and consistent performance.

Feature List

1. High-quality materials: All components within this kit are carefully crafted from top-quality maple wood, known for its durability and robustness, providing a long-lasting lifespan.

2. Easy to handle and use: These drumsticks showcase their ergonomic design promotes easy handling and operation.

3. Portable storage bag: Accompanying the purchase of this kit is a stylish yet functional black velvet storage bag. This accessory allows convenient portability and storage of the instruments.

4. Drumsticks Size: The drumsticks are measured at a length of 15.9 inches or 40.5 cm, a fitting size for general use.

5. Drum Brushes Size: The drum brushes sit at 12.6 inches or 32 cm significant length that ensures a comfortable playing experience.

6. Wire Brush Length: The wire brushes each have a length of 5.1 inches or 13 cm, offering a unique sound and feel when played.

7. Drum Brush Sticks Size: The drum brush sticks have a diameter of 0.6 inches or 1.5 cm and length of 15.9 inches or 40.5 cm, providing excellent balance and versatility for various drumming styles.

8. Comprehensive Package: The package includes 1 Pair of Wooden Drum Sticks, 1 Pair of Drum Wire Brushes, 1 Pair of Drum Brushes Sticks, and 1 Black Velvet Bag all appropriately packed together.

9. Versatile Fit: The components in the kit are quintessential for various drumming styles.


1. Durability: Being made of fine quality maple, the drumsticks promise a long-lasting lifespan.

2. Versatile: The drum kit is made suitable for different drumming styles.

3. Easy Transportation: The black velvet storage bag doesn’t just add a touch of sophistication but also ensures easy transportation and storage.

4. Appropriate Sizing: The sticks are of various lengths, allowing for a broad range of usage.

5. Comprehensive Kit: The product comes as a complete set, making it convenient for users.


1. One Size: The sticks all come in one standard size, which might not be suitable for drummers preferring a different dimension.

2. Material Limitation: Some drummers might prefer sticks made from other materials, such as oak or hickory.

3. No Additional Accessories: The kit does not include additional accessories like mallets or practice pads.

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