Review: Joe Bonamassa Supports the Boss Metal Zone

If you’re a hardcore metal enthusiast whose adolescence revolved around the era of metalcore music, then the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone is quite a familiar name. Reminisce about the robust, distorted tones this extraordinary ride gave to your Crate amplifiers. Certainly, some fond memories flood back when we think of those turbulent teenager years!

But it seems like the MT-2 isn’t just limited to the confines of the past. The much loved yet mocked pedal from Boss has its fan base today. Who, you say? It’s the blues legend, Joe Bonamassa! In a recent edition of Guitarist magazine, Bonamassa showcased his unceasing admiration for the pedal, often making use of it to craft a harsher tonal texture.

Grooving deep into the pre-nostalgic vibes, Bonamassa revealed how the MT-2 Metal Zone continues to woo him. As an 80’s child, he nostalgically reminisced, his favorite dirt pedal was none other than the Metal Zone. Despite its title, he was keen to point out that it’s not mandatory to take the gain up to the very end. Decoding his love for the pedal further, Bonamassa pointed out that the real magic of the MT-2 Metal Zone lay in its versatile midrange enhancements when utilized with a clean amplifier.

Interestingly, this misunderstood aspect of one of Boss’s most popular pedals — the excessive overdrive — has often led many to plunge into the chaotic world of abominable tone quality. However, Bonamassa cleverly presented an alternative side to it. Maintaining a perfect balance with the gain seemed to be the hidden secret, something that not every teenager was aware of.

Strikingly, one can’t miss the fascinating role this infamous pedal has played, despite its broadly circulated bad rep. The unique tones it gave birth to stood at the cradle of a whole new musical genre. Talk about a plot twist!

The eagerness for the MT-2 Metal Zone is still very much alive. Those on a hunt for this exceptional pedal can heave a sigh of relief as it is readily available on the market. The standard version will set you back by $99.99. On the other hand, if you prefer the other variant, you can lay hands on its Waza Craft version for $159.99.

As we land on our final notes, there’s more to Boss’s MT-2 Metal Zone than meets the eye. Its longevity and sustained admiration indicate that there’s something with this pedal that hooks a majority of musicians, regardless of its infamous reputation.

Feature list

– Adjustable midrange with semi-parametric EQ
– Offers a great range of drive tones
– Broad gain range for versatile sounds
– Sturdy, robust built, and compact design
– Affordably priced


– Versatile midrange shifts
– Superior dirty tone qualities
– Affordable for all budget levels
– Legendary blues artists still use it.


– Easily misunderstood gain function
– Misused often due to lack of knowledge
– Mocked for misunderstood features
– Has a reputation for catered towards adolescent users. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals