Rhodes V-Pan Plug-In: A Comprehensive Product Review

Rhodes a leading manufacturer in the music industry, has released its latest plugin, V-Pan, offering a unique and intuitive panning effect. Modelled after the Vari-Pan section of their flagship Rhodes MK8 piano, this free plugin enables users to apply this classic stereo panning effect on any instrument or audio track within a digital audio workstation (DAW). This review delves into the features, pros, and cons of the V-Pan plugin and examines whether it lives up to its promise.


1. Simple, Intuitive User Interface: V-Pan boasts a compact, straightforward graphical user interface (GUI), ensuring even beginners can navigate its features with ease.

2. Wide Range of Panning Effects: Despite its simple appearance, the plugin offers an extensive variety of panning effects, ideal for enhancing any audio track or instrument.

3. Authentic Hardware Emulation: V-Pan emulates the circuitry of the Rhodes MK8 piano’s Vari-Pan section, providing a high-quality representation of the original hardware.

4. Adjustable Rate Control: The plugin’s Rate control allows users to set the speed from super-slow to audio rates, giving versatility to experiment with various effects, including synth and ring mod-style sounds.

5. Depth Control: The Depth control lets users determine the level of panning LFO applied to the source, enabling precise adjustments.

6. Customizable Waveform: V-Pan’s Vari-Wave fader offers a smooth transition between square, sine, triangle, and ramp wave shapes, providing extensive control over the waveform.

7. Slew and Smooth Controls: For further waveform shaping, the plugin includes Slew and Smooth controls that adjust the attributes of the waveform.

8. Sync Button: The Sync button allows the locking of the effect to the tempo of the host application, ensuring seamless integration with various projects.

9. Pricing and Availability: V-Pan is free to download until 31 January 2024, after which it will retail at $39.95 / £29.95 including VAT / €34.95.


– Versatile panning effects enhance the audio production experience
– User-friendly interface allows for easy operation by users of all skill levels
– Authentic emulation offers a high-quality representation of the source hardware
– Adjustable controls provide extensive customization
– The Sync button ensures seamless integration with projects in the host application
– The free download period provides an affordable opportunity to try the plugin


– The plugin’s simplicity may lack appeal for some users seeking more advanced features
– After the promotional period, the price tag might be an issue for budget-conscious users

Rhodes’ V-Pan plugin successfully fulfills its promise of delivering an authentic emulation of the Vari-Pan section found in the Rhodes MK8 piano. With its simple, intuitive interface, versatile range of effects, and customizable controls, it offers users an easy way to enhance their audio production experience. The free download period enables users to test out the plugin and determine if it meets their creative needs.

However, some users may not find the interface or features advanced enough for their preferences. Additionally, it is essential to keep the ongoing price in mind for those discovering the plugin after 31 January 2024.

Overall, the Rhodes V-Pan plugin is a reliable solution for those looking to add a unique panning effect to their audio production toolkit, delivering versatility and authenticity in a user-friendly package. So head over to the Rhodes website and give this fantastic plugin a try while it’s still free to download!

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