RME Fireface Series Now Features Enhanced Immersive Audio Capabilities

RME Fireface Audio Interfaces with Immersive Audio Capabilities: A Comprehensive Review

RME has recently announced the release of firmware updates for a range of their popular Fireface audio interfaces, equipping them with room correction facilities for immersive audio setups. With this new update, we decided to take a closer look at the Fireface UFX+, UFX II, UFX III, and UCX II models to provide you with a comprehensive product review, highlighting the features, pros, and cons of these devices.

Feature List

1. New firmware and drivers provide access to multi-channel immersive audio monitoring formats
2. Latest version of control software, TotalMix FX 1.93, offers powerful features
3. Room EQ plug-in supports up to 20 channels of nine-band parametric EQ
4. Delay compensation for up to 16 channels on analogue and digital outputs
5. Free download and updates available from RME’s website
6. Compatible for macOS and Windows users


1. Immersive audio – The new firmware and drivers enable Fireface users to access a host of new features aimed at multi-channel immersive audio monitoring formats, allowing for a more seamless and accurate monitoring experience.
2. Powerful control software – The devices come with the latest version of TotalMix FX 1.93, a control software providing a powerful set of monitoring features.
3. Room correction capabilities – With the Room EQ plug-in, the interfaces offer up to 20 channels of nine-band parametric EQ, which enhances the quality of audio in various room settings and conditions.
4. Delay compensation – True to RME’s commitment to high-quality audio, the firmware updates include compensation for up to 16 channels of delay on their analogue and digital outputs, ensuring accurate audio synchronization.
5. Free firmware updates – The downloads for the latest firmware, drivers, and software are available for free from RME’s website, allowing users to consistently take advantage of any improvements and new features.
6. Cross-platform compatibility – Regardless of whether you are a macOS or Windows user, you will still be able to benefit from the firmware updates and enjoy the full range of features offered by these audio interfaces.


1. Learning curve – Some users may find the new features and software updates to be challenging at first. However, with time and practice, operating these devices and taking advantage of their immersive capabilities will become more seamless and intuitive.
2. Potential compatibility issues – While the firmware updates and software are designed to be cross-platform compatible, some users may still encounter compatibility issues or difficulties with their personal setups. This may require troubleshooting to fully enjoy the benefits of the devices.

Overall, RME’s Fireface audio interfaces, particularly the UFX+, UFX II, UFX III, and UCX II models, are impressive devices offering a wide range of powerful features tailored for immersive audio monitoring. With the new firmware updates, these already highly-regarded audio interfaces have been further strengthened, placing them among the top choices for users seeking room correction facilities and multi-channel monitoring solutions.

RME’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their decision to offer these firmware updates and software downloads for free, as well as the devices’ compatibility for macOS and Windows users. Although some may initially find the devices challenging to navigate, the benefits of the new firmware updates and immersive audio capabilities make investing the time to learn the interfaces well worth it. For professional studios and independent audio producers alike, the RME Fireface audio interfaces with their new firmware updates offer an impressive and powerful solution for all audio monitoring needs.

To learn more about RME Fireface audio interfaces or download the latest firmware and software updates, visit RME’s website:


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