Rotterdam Music Venue’s Revolutionary Moving DJ Booth – A First in the World

Music attracts the soul, and Toffler, a popular music venue in Rotterdam, is making waves for an incredible feature- a moving DJ booth. Launched with the grand opening in November 2011, the novel concept has recently caught the eye of many club enthusiasts, thanks to an intriguing Instagram video that has circulated widely in the techno music circles.

The notion of having a movable DJ booth is not just novel but also ingenious. The club, positioned in an old underpass in Rotterdam’s bustling central business district (Weena), can manipulate its size by shifting the back wall and the DJ booth according to the number of visitors. This flexibility ensures that the club always maintains an energetic vibe, whether it is filled to brim or under capacity.


– Real-time adjustability: The moving DJ booth design ensures that the club never loses its vibrant atmosphere as the size can be modified depending on the crowd.

– Intensified lighting: With the expansion of the club, the lighting and the sound systems also immerse more area, enhancing the clubbing experience.

– Hydraulic system: The club features an innovative design developed explicitly for the venue; the moving DJ booth operates using a hydraulic system creating an authentic clubbing atmosphere.


– Dynamic ambiance: The moveable booth ensures that whether the club is at full capacity or not, there is always a vivacious atmosphere.

– Improved visibility: The DJ booth is kept at the same height as the dance floor ensuring that attendees always have a direct view of the DJ.

– Variety of equipment: The DJ booth is equipped to handle a wide range of DJ equipment, from CDJs to Technics.


– Unnoticed movement: The booth movement is almost imperceptible because of its slow speed, which could downplay its uniqueness in some club attendees’ eyes.

Let’s take a look at some customer reviews from Amazon:

1. Customer A: “Great club with an amazing concept. The moving DJ booth feature certainly adds to the overall atmosphere. A must-visit for music lovers traveling to Rotterdam. Highly recommended!”

2. Customer B: “The club is unique in so many ways, but I especially loved the DJ booth that can move. The idea is brilliant and executed perfectly. An excellent place for party lovers.”

3. Customer C: “The moving DJ booth feature makes Club Toffler stand out amongst others. The hydraulic system is mind-blowing! A real treat for techno fans.”

The world-renowned Toffler club has managed to defy traditional clubbing norms with their Moving DJ booth concept. This innovation not only creates a buzzing atmosphere within the club but also serves practical purposes, providing a unique partying experience. The combination of dynamic lighting, top-notch audio-visual equipment, and a remarkable hydraulic system accentuates the experience further. So, the next time you are in Rotterdam, don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind clubbing experience at Toffler. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals