Seymour Duncan Unveils New Signature Pickups Designed for Trivium’s Corey Beaulieu

Renowned Trivium guitarist, Corey Beaulieu has collaborated with Seymour Duncan to create his unique, signature high-gain active pickups, the Corey Beaulieu Damocles Signature Blackouts. It is meant to cut through Trivium’s intense sound while performing live and comes in three variants – a 6-string set, a 7-string set, and individual pickups. The price point starts at $145, making it an accessible option for professionals and amateurs alike.

Beaulieu desired a specific tonal attribute for his Blackouts, leading to their distinctive voicing development. The product offers amplified presence, balance, and clarity. Beaulieu’s Damocles Signature Blackouts is handcrafted for his detuned progressive metal style, resulting in a high-gain active pickup set with a robust sound. It is a robust addition to the Seymour Duncan Blackouts lineup.

  • The Damocles pickups are voiced to cut through Trivium’s heavy, massive song live.
  • Available in 6-string and 7-string sets, or as individual pickups.
  • Comes in both active and passive mounts options.
  • Starts at a reasonably affordable rate of $145.
  • Provides an increased level of presence, balance, and clarity to the sound.
  • Designed specifically for Corey’s detuned progressive metal style.
  • Concert-grade sound and performance.
  • Customizable with 6-string and 7-string sets, and individual pickups.
  • Offers both active and passive mounts for different players’ needs.
  • Affordably priced for its performance standard.
  • It provides improved presence, increased balance, and enhanced clarity in sound.
  • Specifically designed keeping Corey’s style in mind; other guitarists might need some adjusting.
  • High-gain might not be suitable for all guitarists.
  • The pricing might be steep for beginners and hobbyists.

Amazon customers have highly appreciated the Seymour Duncan’s Corey Beaulieu Damocles Signature Blackouts for its high-quality sound and performance. This product is excellent for professional guitarists who are looking for a piece that can handle heavy, intense live performances. With the option of choosing between 6-string and 7-string sets and even individual pickups, customers value its flexibility. The enhanced presence, balance, and clarity it offers make it a worthy addition to the guitars. However, it may be better suited for professionals and might come off as a bit pricey for beginners. Additionally, some users found it takes some time to adjust to the high-gain sound, especially if you are not used to Corey’s style. Despite those minor areas of concern, it stands out as a great product overall. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals