Slash’s Signature Magnatone Head and Cab Appears Online

Magnatone SL-100 Slash Signature Head Amplifier

Despite initial rumors that Slash, the iconic rock guitarist of the Guns N’ Roses fame, may be departing from his relationship with Marshall, the picture is now clear. Slash has instead been occupied with honing a new line of gear with Magnatone, and the first glimpse of these highly-anticipated products is now available to consumers.

The first product revealed from this collaboration is the powerful SL-100 Slash Signature head amplifier. Before being officially announced by Magnatone, this impressive piece of gear made its appearance online, piquing the interest of audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. The SL-100 Slash Signature draws inspiration from Magnatone’s Super Fifty-Nine M-80 head, which is Slash’s choice amplifier for live performances. However, the SL-100 has been modified using EL34 power tubes to offer greater power and enriched tonality. Additionally, it introduces two footswitchable gain modes. These 12AX7-based gain modes are designed to offer the maximum potential for clarity, allowing guitarists to achieve a more refined and articulate sound during performances.

The SL-100 is not just an amplifier; it is a piece of equipment that embodies excellence, functionality, and sophistication. Apart from the wonderful energy and tonality it provides, the SL-100 comes equipped with a Master volume knob, high and low Gain knobs, and a four-band tone stack. A notable feature is its tube-buffered effects loop designed for seamlessly integrating with your pedalboard. Consequently, it provides an ideal platform for musicians to experiment with various audio effects to create unique musical pieces.

For aficionados looking for a powerful, top-tier amplifier, the pricey tag of $4,899 for the head may seem worth the investment. Magnatone also offers a compatible cabinet for the SL-100, loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, priced at $2,699. The Celestion speakers align seamlessly with the capabilities of the SL-100 head, promising to deliver unmatched sound quality and performance.

Magnatone’s ventures have not stopped at the SL-100 head; they also recently collaborated with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top to design the M-80, signaling their continued commitment to creating quality products.


– Inspired by Magnatone’s Super Fifty-Nine M-80
– Modified with EL34 power tubes
– Two footswitchable, 12AX7-infused gain modes
– A Four-band tone stack
– Tube-buffered effects loop


– High quality build
– Generates high power and enriched tonality
– Versatile audio settings due to high/low gain knobs and tone stack
– Tube-buffered effects loop for easy integration with pedalboards


– The high price may be prohibitive for some potential buyers
– Official product details and specifications have not yet been released by Magnatone

The Magnatone SL-100 Slash Signature head is a fantastic piece of sound equipment, empowering musicians to experiment with a myriad of sound palettes and styles. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the audio quality, power, and flexibility it offers may justify the cost for many audiophiles and professional musicians. The recent collaborations Magnatone has undertaken signify their commitment to innovation, and if the SL-100 Slash Signature head is anything to go by, we have more to look forward to. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals