Solid State Logic® unveil System T™ consoles

Solid State Logic® have announced System T™, a new line of modular consoles designed for those mixing music in a range of immersive formats including Dolby® Atmos™. Aiming to bridge the gap between control surfaces and large-format consoles, System T™ is capable of supporting up to 800 channels of audio with three different frame sizes offering up to a 384 fader configuration, as well as boasting a full 9.1.6 monitor section, DAW integration, a wealth of onboard processing options and much more.

An Solid State Logic® System T™ equipped with five fader tiles, a large touchscreen and a master section.
The consoles are built around Solid State Logic®’s renowned Tempest processing technology, which allows engineers to start with a ‘blank canvas’ and configure the system’s channels, buses, sends and inserts exactly as they require for a particular project, with patching and routing managed directly on the console itself. Everything can be edited at any time, saved as a fully recallable setup, or made into a template for future sessions.

Channels & Processing

Full Solid State Logic® dynamics and EQ processing is available on every channel and bus, with 64-bit floating point processing and 48 or 96kHz sample rates employed throughout the console, and System T™ also offers built-in support for 3D panning control as well as boasting an Effects Rack equipped with over 60 effects and processing tools that can be used on inserts or at any signal patch point. Processors included in the collection include the famous Solid State Logic® bus compressor, dynamic EQs, a transient shaper, a multi-band compressor, tape echo, reverbs and many more.

DAW Control

Up to four instances of Avid®’s Pro Tools™ DAW can be controlled directly from the console’s hardware and touchscreen interface, with DAW faders able to be freely assigned anywhere on the surface alongside local channels and busses. Other software parameters such as mutes, pans, sends and plug-ins can be controlled using the System T™’s faders, encoders and touchscreens, and full control over transport and location functions, and also DAW automation commands, is also provided. A switchable video input also allows users to patch in their DAW display and have it displayed on the console itself.

Automation & Recall

Solid State Logic® have also implemented a timecode-driven automation system that has been built specifically for revision-based music mixing, which can be enabled from within the console’s software. There are dedicated console-wide and per-channel protect functions, allowing users to automate as much or as little as they need, and the system provides storage for an unlimited number of mix passes which are automatically packaged upon a show file being saved. The console is also able to follow DAW timecode using either MTC over a network connection, or by employing a dedicated LTC and MIDI hardware unit.


A comprehensive choice of Solid State Logic® Network I/O options are available, providing a vast range of connectivity choices that include the company’s SuperAnalogue microphone/line-level preamps, as  well as supporting digital formats such as MADI and AES. Native support for Dante™ is also included thanks to compatibility with Dante HC® cards.

Pricing & Availability

System T™ will make its global debut at this years NAB show, with pricing and availability information yet to be announced.

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