Steinberg Upgrades Cubasis and Dorico Apps: A Product Review

Steinberg has recently released updates for its mobile music making and notation apps, Cubasis 3.6 and Dorico for iPad 5.1. Both apps now come with newly added built-in instruments powered by the company’s HALion sampling and virtual instrument engine. In this review, we will take a closer look at the new features, pros, and cons of these two applications and determine whether they are worth the investment for music composers, arrangers, and producers.

Feature List

1. Cubasis 3.6
– Free LoFi Piano instrument.
– Optional in-app purchases of HALion Sonic Selection, Neo FM, and Classic FM.
– Over 1100 world-class instruments in the HALion Sonic Selection.
– Neo FM offers next-generation FM sounds, while Classic FM recreates vintage tones.

2. Dorico for iPad 5.1
– New free set of General MIDI-compatible sounds powered by HALion.
– Optional in-app purchase of Iconica Sketch optimized for iPad.
– Iconica Sketch offers 34 individual orchestral instruments with 140 articulations.
– Available with monthly/yearly subscriptions or a one-time lifetime unlock payment.


1. Cubasis 3.6
– Free LoFi Piano instrument offers a blend of vintage and modern upright piano sounds.
– The HALion Sonic Selection delivers a library of high-quality sound presets ideal for various music genres.
– Neo FM and Classic FM packs provide a range of FM sounds, perfect for electronic music production.
– Increased versatility in sound design and composition.

2. Dorico for iPad 5.1
– The free set of General MIDI-compatible sounds facilitates a better understanding of MIDI programming and sequencing.
– Iconica Sketch enables composers and arrangers to create detailed orchestral mock-ups on the go.
– Optimized for iPad use, making it more convenient for mobile music-making.
– Regular updates and improvements.


1. Cubasis 3.6
– Some users may find it expensive, especially when considering in-app purchases.
– The optional instruments are not included in the base price of the app.

2. Dorico for iPad 5.1
– The app is only available for iPad users.
– Iconica Sketch subscription pricing may not be ideal for some users.

The Cubasis 3.6 and Dorico for iPad 5.1 updates bring significant improvements to the popular mobile music making and notation apps with their new HALion-powered instruments. Cubasis 3.6 offers a wider range of sounds and expressive possibilities, while Dorico for iPad 5.1 enhances the overall workflow for creating orchestral compositions and arrangements on the go. Although some users may find the pricing for in-app purchases a little steep, the versatility and functionality that these updates provide justify the investment for dedicated composers and arrangers.

Introductory Pricing Offer:

To commemorate the launch of these app updates, Steinberg is offering a 25% discount on the following prices until January 8th, 2024:

– Cubasis 3.6 App Store: $49.99 / €59.99
– Cubasis 3.6 Google Play Store: $29.99 / €29.99
– HALion Sonic Selection: $/€ 19.99
– Neo FM / FM Classics: $/€ 13.99 each
– Dorico for iPad 5.1: Free download
– Iconica Sketch subscription: $/€ 4.99 / month or $/€ 49.99 / year
– Iconica Sketch Lifetime Unlock: $119.99 / €139.99

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