Strandberg’s New Affordable Boden Models Introduced

Boden Essential, an iconic design from .strandberg*, has established itself as a price-friendly, desirable, electric guitar that embodies both innovation and inclusiveness. Now available at an affordable price, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy this masterpiece.

The .strandberg* Boden Essential is keenly crafted with features that make it stand out in comfort, performance, balance, and sound. This version is characteristic of the .strandberg* models with a low weight and ergonomic body shape, a feature that enhances its practicality and appeal. The defining feature of this music instrument is the patented EndurNeck, which notably enhances playing experience.

Features of Boden Essential

• Ergonomic body shape: The .strandberg* Boden Essential allows for great comfort with its lightweight design and well-balanced nature. This feature makes it perfect for stage performance.

• Patented EndurNeck: Designed to optimize the player’s experience, EndurNeck significantly enhances the playability of this electric guitar.

• Acoustic resonance: In line with the .strandberg* sound staple, Boden Essential produces the hallmark .strandberg* acoustic resonance.

• Available finishes: This guitar is available in Elemental Blue, Astro Dust, and Black Granite finishes.

With a price tag of $999, it’s particularly alluring to guitarists across all playing levels. The electric guitar embodies a stamp of inclusivity and innovation, making it fitting for musicians seeking something different and practical.

Pros of Boden Essential

• Affordable: The Boden Essential offers high quality at a minimum price.

• Designed for comfort: With its ergonomic shape and lightweight design, the guitar allows for easy and comfortable playing.

• Flexible finishes: The range of finishes provides a colour for every preference.

Cons of Boden Essential

• Limited availability: As a desirable model with an affordable price tag, it may not always be readily available.

• Design could be too modern for some: The Boden Essential has a forward-leaning design that might not appeal to some players.

Customer Reviews

Users have commended .strandberg* guitars for their distinctive, progressive design and sound standard. Many found that Boden Essential is no exception to this commendation, noting the lightweight design and comfortable playability in their positive remarks. Some noted the low weight enhanced their creative process and made long performances more comfortable.

Criticism came from a few users who found the design overly modern and preferred a more traditional design. Despite this, the overall response to the Boden Essential guitar has been overwhelmingly positive.

Ola Strandberg, the founder of .strandberg* Guitars, equates the Boden Essential to an ‘invitation’ and rightly so. This electric guitar caters to every taste and skill level, from beginners to professional musicians. It is designed to inspire creativity while providing a unique playing experience, exemplifying the commitment of .strandberg* to inclusivity and innovation.

The Boden Essential by .strandberg* is a wise choice for those in search of a versatile electric guitar. Its characteristics make it suitable for various music genres and playing styles, and the guitar’s organic and balanced sound adds a special touch that many players desire. - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals