The ADDAC309 Eurorack Module: A Comprehensive Product Review

For Eurorack modular synth enthusiasts, integrating effects units has always been an issue due to compatibility. Enter the Eurorack Module ADDAC309 CV to Expression module, a unique piece of equipment designed for connecting CV sources to effects pedals equipped with expression pedal inputs. This allows Eurorack users to control their favorite effects units without the hassle of external power sources or complex setups.

The ADDAC309 module occupies a slim 4HP rack space, providing an efficient footprint for integration into any modular setup. Additionally, it boasts a passive design that requires no power from the host rack’s PSU, instead drawing power directly from connected pedals. This not only minimizes cabling clutter but also ensures seamless voltage matching for any pedal with operating voltages between 3.3 and 9 volts.

Feature List

– Occupies just 4HP of rack space
– Passive design (no external power needed)
– Two channels with dedicated attenuator controls
– Pair of CV inputs and quarter-inch outputs
– Draws power from connected pedals
– Compatible with 3.3 to 9-volt operating voltages
– Priced at €60


1. Easy Integration: The ADDAC309 module is compact and user-friendly, making it simple to integrate into any Eurorack setup without taking up valuable space or compromising other devices in your rig.

2. Versatile Control: Featuring two channels, each with dedicated attenuator controls, the ADDAC309 allows for precise control over your effects units with minimal fuss, giving you more creative freedom in your modular synth setup.

3. Passive Design: The innovative passive design means the ADDAC309 requires no external power source, as it draws the necessary power directly from your connected pedals. This simplifies your setup and makes for cleaner cable management.

4. Voltage Compatibility: Designed to perfectly match the required operating voltage of any pedal, the ADDAC309 ensures seamless compatibility with effects units ranging from 3.3 to 9 volts. This means less worrying about voltage compatibility and more focusing on making the best music possible.

5. Affordable Price Point: At just €60, the ADDAC309 provides excellent value for money, making it an accessible addition for any enthusiast looking to expand their Eurorack setup with effective effects units control.


1. Limited Channels: Although the ADDAC309 features two channels, users with multiple effects units may require additional modules for full control over their devices. This may result in extra cost and space requirements, which could be a disadvantage for those with limited budgets or rack space.

2. Passive Design Limitations: While the passive design simplifies power management, it may not be suitable for all setups. Users requiring more advanced features or greater compatibility with certain effects units may need to consider powered modules instead.

Overall, the ADDAC System ADDAC309 CV to Expression module is a useful and innovative piece of equipment that bridges the gap between modular synthesis and effects units. Despite some minor limitations, it is a versatile and affordable solution for Eurorack enthusiasts looking to expand their control capabilities and better integrate effects units into their setups.

The ADDAC309 is available now, priced at €60. More information and purchasing options can be found on the official ADDAC System website: - Music News, Music Reviews, Music Store, Shop For Great Deals